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GER1 / Group A1 California
GER1 / Group A2 Automatic
GER1 / Group B1
GER1 / Group B2
GER1 / Group B3
GER1 / Group B4
GER1 / Group C1
GER1 / Group C2
GER1 / Group C4
GER1 / Group C5
GER1 / Group D1
GER1 / Group D2
GER1 / Group D3
GER1 / Group D4
GER1 / Group E1
Ger2 / Urban Standard
Ger2 / Urban Plus
Ger2 / Urban Luxury
Ger2 / Compact Plus
Ger2 / Compact Luxury
Ger2 / Family Standard
Ger2 / Family Plus
Ger2 / Family Luxury
Ger2 /Comfort Standard
Ger2 /Comfort Plus
Ger2 /Comfort Luxury
Ger2/Premium Standard
Ger2 / Premium Plus
Ger2 / Premium Luxury
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