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RV & Motorhome Types


Generally RV's can be classified into two groups: Motorized RV's and Towables:


Motorized RV's = Motor Homes

The motor home is built as one unit containing a driving cabin and a living coach with various facilities. The motor home allows the passengers free access between the living area and driving cabin even while driving. 


A Class  Motor Home                                                                         

A Class A motor home is usually a larger sized vehicle, 24-45 feet in length
(8-15 meters) designed for 2 to 8 passengers.

It is built on special motor home chassis and provides a high standard of facilities with a goal of maximum comfort. A typical Class A motor home contains one or more bedrooms,
a bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen. 
It may also include various other amenities such as a TV, a VCR, an external shower, a Satellite guidance system, high back seats, cable TV and more.
The coach/living area and driving area is all one unit.

This motor home can be a self-contained living space for up to a week while "dry camping" (no hookups), depending on the number of passengers.  Class A motor homes are very popular among retired people who use them as their main home.  Many of these types of owners tow small cars for maximum mobility inside cities. Class A motor homes sell for prices between $50,000 USD to $1,000,000 USD. The most recent innovation in the motorhomes industry is the "Slide Out" Class A. By pushing a button, the exterior walls slide out, making a larger internal living space. 


C - Class  Motor Home                                                                   

Also known as the Mini Motor Home, the
Class C motor home is 24-45 feet in length
(8-15 meters) and is designed for 2 to 8 passengers.
It is built on a van or small truck chassis and is recognizable by the projected cab over the driver's cabin. This additional space over the driverís cabin is used for a double bed or as a storage area. 
Due to it's compact size and the use of a van or truck chassis, a Class C motor home can be repaired in most service garages with high ceilings. This type is the most popular motorhome for rentals since it has a large living space suitable for families, yet is still compact. "Slide Out" models are also available in the C class.


B - Class Motor Home = Van conversion                                          

This is an ordinary van, which is converted into
a compact motor home with all the facilities.

A Class B motor home is 16-21 feet in length

 (5-7meters), designed for 2 to 3 adults or
2 adults and 2 children. Because of it size and shape, it is the easiest motor home to drive.

There are variety of models with different division
of the living space and amenities. 
Some Class B motor homes have toilets and showers while others may have only toilets.  All Class B models have a compact kitchen including a sink, beds, and a dinette area. This type of motor home can be self-contained for up to 3 days during "dry camping".


Truck Camper                                                                                

Also known as slide-on camper, this is a living
unit that can be attached temporally to a
pick-up truck.  The living unit can be removed by using jacks, allowing the truck to be driven with out the living unit.
Usually 18-21 feet in length
(6-7 meters), a truck camper is designed for
2 to 6 passengers.  It offers all the facilities and conveniences of a motor home combined with low price.
The main disadvantage is that there is no access between the living unit and the driving area.


Towables = Travel Trailers                            

A travel trailer is a separate coach with no engine that is towed by a vehicle. 

It contains living facilities that are separated from the driving unit. It is not permitted

to be in the living area while the vehicle is being towed.


Travel Trailer

A trailer that is towed by a special hitch attached to a towing vehicle, most commonly
a pick-up truck.
Travel trailers are usually
12 to 35 feet in length  (4-13 meters) and contain all the amenities of the larger sized motor homes. 
A travel trailer can be self-contained while
"dry camping". Slide-out sections are also available in some of the models.

Disconnecting the trailer from the towing vehicle allows maximum mobility as the tow vehicle can be used separately to explore large cities and areas where a trailer may not easily maneuver. Travel trailers are not commonly rented, as they can be difficult to drive and maneuver.


Fifth Wheel Trailer

Like the travel trailer, exclusively pick-up trucks tow this trailer.  The trailer is
connected to the pick-up truck via a special connection that is located in the cargo area of the truck that allows the trailer to be towed more easily. 
The trailer can be disconnecting from the towing vehicle.
A fifth wheel trailer can be easily recognized by the raised front that sits over the cargo area of the truck. This front section is usually used as a second-level sleeping area.  These types of trailers come in models ranging from the most basic to very fancy. This is one of most popular RV's in Notrth America.


Folding Camping Trailer                                                          

Also known as a pop-up trailer, this is a lightweight folding tent on a trailer base. 
It comes in lengths of up to 10 feet
(3.5 meters) and is made of lightweight material.
While driving, the walls are folding and the
ceiling rests on the trailer sides.  When parked the ceiling is raised and sleeping platforms are opened like wings from the front and back of the trailer. When the living unit is opened it can reach lengths of up to 23 feet  (7.5 meters). The living unit usually includes sleeping, cooking and dining facilities with some models including showers.
This type of trailer is similar to a tent on wheels and offers a lot of conveniences at a very low price, making it one of the best values when looking to purchase an RV.

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