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Rovaniemi - Gateway to Lapland

One of the biggest Laplandic cities is Rovaniemi just on the Arctic Circle next to Santa´s home. Rovaniemi is a hustling and buzzling city which offers you something special and very magical every season.

Summer - the Midnigth Sun - The Midnight Sun shines from the beginning of June to the beginning of July. During that time the sun does not set at all so it is definitely something to experience at least once in your life.
The Rovaniemi river valley landscape viewed from the summit of Ounasvaara at Midnight Sun is breathtaking. The Ounasjoki river is an essential part of the cultural history of the town of Rovaniemi; it has been an important route of travel, provided fine catches of salmon, and its currents have been used to transport timber and lumberjacks.

Harvest -
July and August are harvesting times. One especially sought after fruit is the cloudberry, the tasty treasure of the wetlands. The special status of the cloudberry is quite evident, as it has its own event - The Ranua Cloudberry Market - arranged in the first week of August for over 30 years. Ranua is only about an hour´s drive away from Rovaniemi.
The mild weather of late summer offers plenty more outdoor activities than picking cloudberries. Rovaniemi and its surroundings offer active outdoor enthusiasts a whole host of opportunities for guided or independent activities on the river, in the forest, or indeed on the golf course at Ounasvaara.

Colorful autumnal foliage-
In September the countryside starts to prepare for its more quiet season of the year - winter, but nature provides one of its most magnificent shows ­- Autumn Foliage .
Lapland easily matches magnificent sceneries of North America, which are famous for its foliage. Therefore, safe some carbon emissions and travel within Europe.

Rovaniemi rental station is an Ideal gateway to Europe´s northernmost point, the North Cape !

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