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Bella Italia
The wonderful landscape, the excellent climatic conditions, the numerous cultural treasures and the inviting shopping metropolises make Italy to one of the most announced holiday destinations in Europe.
You can discover all this with your rented motorhome. Travel over the Alps or the Dolomites with your rented motorhome. Make a stop wherever you want. This region is ideal to make beautiful hikes in the summer or do skiing in the winter.

Activity holiday with your rented motorhome
The Dolomites are also popular destination for climber. Adventurous fixed rope routes with iron hooks, wire ropes and ladders run through the Dolomites and allow also non-climbers to climb the rock slopes and the steep walls.

Renting a motorhome in Italy is and exciting experience
Start a breathtaking trip through the numerous vineyards, olive trees and sandy beaches that characterize the country Italy. Drive to the famous lakes in Italy, such as the Lake Maggiore, the Lake Como and the Lake Garda, which are situated in the north of Italy. The pleasant climate, the medieval castles and villages and the beautiful countryside attract many visitors ever year from all over the world. Also water sports enthusiasts get their money´s worth here. Take advantage of the flexibility offered by a holiday in a motorhome.

You would like to know the culture and visit the treasures of Italy?
You only have to go to Rome with your rented motorhome and visit the Sistine Church in the Vatican museum and be inspired by the magnificient buildings and their artists. Travel further and visit the landmark of the Italian metropolis Pisa, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The fee-standing bell tower is one of the most beautiful architectural buildings on the so called place of the miracles. Visitors can climb the 293 steps to get to the bell chamber and get a wonderful view above the province Pisa.

Stay at one of the nicest places in the world, the St. Mark´s Square in Venice. Stroll through shops, cafes and many famous buildings on this square or feed the countless pigeons with your children. The St. Mark´s Square is considered as the "heart of Venice" and is worth to make a stop at your trip through Italy. Go through 100 canals of Venice and the individual districts with a Vaporetto or a line boat, which are connected by 400 bridges. Very popular are the gondoliers with their narrow, one-rowed boats or the Venetian Carnival, which takes place once a year.

Another particularity of Italy is the volcanoes, the Mount Vesuvius near Naples and the largest and most active volcano in Europe, the Etna in Sicily. He has spitted lava from his numerous calderas at last in 2011 and is still a popular destination. 

You want to know Italy from a different pint of view? Not stay fixed at one place, but drive from the north to the south or from the west to the east? Every single region offers wonderful places and attractions on your trip with your rented motorhome

Motorhome rental locations in Italy: Rome, Milan, Vicenza, Venice, Bologna

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