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Traveling in UK - informative guide
A motorhome hire holiday can be a fantastic experience. The freedom to go where you want, when you want is something that brings many of our customers back time and time again. A motorhome is a simple way to take all your favourite creature comforts wherever you go. Even so, before you start, it still helps to get some tips and advice.
Driving a motorhome takes some getting used to. Your position will be much higher than with a regular road car and you must be constantly aware of how much space you're taking up in the road. Always plan ahead. Work out your route beforehand - where you're going and when you expect to get there. With a little forethought you can really make the most of your journey and uncover some unknown places of interest in the process.

Touring the UK - where to go ?

South West England
The South West of England encompasses Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Devon and Cornwall. These 6 counties provide idyllic landscapes, laughter-filled beaches, leafy lanes, patchwork fields or white cottages dotted along the dramatic coastline. There are many great attractions to visit including The Eden Project, Dartmouth Castle, Stonehenge.
One of the most important and mysterious monuments of world’s history is the prehistoric Stonehenge in Wiltshire. It was named UNESCO world cultural heritage and is one of the most visited monuments in south west England. Camp on the adjacent camping site and start a discovery trip to Wiltshire. Drive with your motorhome the oldest road in Europe, the Ridgeway, visit the first safari-park in Longleat or view the cathedral’s highest tower in Salisbury. You and your family won’t get bored in Wiltshire and if you do, you drive on with your rented motor home and benefit from the flexibility the vehicle entails
For more information on the area visit

South East England
The South East of England encompasses Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire.
When it comes to experiencing England in all its glory, the South East has a vast array of places to explore. Kent has several areas of outstanding natural beauty, as well as some of the UK's most striking Castles.
From Beachy Head with its dramatic White Cliffs to Hastings where you can experience the historic 1066 battle-site of the Norman Conquest East Sussex has something for everyone. Berkshire is the home to the world famous Windsor Castle which is the Queens official residence as well as the iconic Legoland.
The River Thames flows through the county offering some wonderful riverside walks and boat trips. Oxfordshire is home to the wonderful Cotswolds with it's sleepy villages. Blenheim Palace is one of the UK's most beautiful stately homes and is located just outside Oxford.
For more information on the area visit

The Midlands
The Midlands encompasses the counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Salopshire and Staffordshire and is also known as "The Heart of England". If outdoor activities are what you are looking for Nottinghamshire is the place to head with numerous bike rides and walks available in the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve which was the home of Robin Hood. Stratford-Upon-Avon is at the heart of Warwickshire and was the home of the literary great William Shakespeare, where you can experience the five Shakespeare houses as well as catching a first class performance from the world famous Shakespeare Theatre Company. Derbyshire is the home of the Peak District.
For more information visit

Things you should know

Dartford crossing
If you are travelling down to the south coast or across to Europe you are more than likely to use the Dartford Bridge or Dartford Tunnel on your return journey. The way you pay for the crossing has recently changed so to avoid a fine please follow the below. You no longer pay for the Dartford Crossing at the barriers. The new payment scheme is called Dart Charge. You must pay for a crossing in advance or by midnight the day after by making a one-off payment. You can make a one-off payment: online at over the phone.

Motorhome Driving Advise
If you're driving in the UK for the first time it could be a little daunting, so we have compiled this document as basic guideline for you and help you enjoy driving in the UK by knowing what to expect.
The Basic Rules

* Drive on the left-hand side of the road.

* When approaching a roundabout, give priority to traffic approaching from the right, unless otherwise indicated.

* You must always stop at a red traffic light.

* At a junction there's no general priority rule - priority is marked at most junctions.

* All traffic signals and road signs must be obeyed.

* All vehicles must give way to emergency services vehicles.

* The use of a car horn is not permitted in built-up areas from 23:30 to 07:00 hours.

* Do not drive in bus lanes during restricted hours. See signs by the side of the road for times.

* It's illegal to use a mobile phone when driving. If you need to make a call, find a safe place to stop first.

* Seat belts must be worn by the driver and front seat passenger. Where rear seat belts have been fitted, they must also be worn.

On Motorways or multiple lane roads
* Always pass (overtake) on the outside (right) lane.
* Do not block the middle lane if the inside lane is clear.
* UK Service stations usually have a maximum 2-hour time limit on how long you can stay without incurring a fine. Please the check signs on entry to avoid getting any fines!

Red & yellow lines
Single, double yellow and red lines along the edge of the road are used to show where you can and cannot park.

* Single yellow lines: there are restrictions on parking at certain times. You can pull over on a single yellow line to let a passenger in or out of the car, but the driver mustn't get out. Check the signs on the road to find out parking restriction times.

* Double yellow lines: You cannot park at any time.

* Single red lines: You cannot park or STOP at certain times

* Double red lines: You cannot park or STOP at any time.

Speed Limits
Different speed limits apply depending on the type of road and the vehicle you're driving. You must not exceed the maximum speed limit set for the road and your vehicle.

Built-up areas

Single Carriageway

Dual Carriageway


Cars and motorcycles





Other Vehicles (Including Motorhomes)





Remember:  The speed limit is the absolute maximum and does not mean it is safe to drive at that speed irrespective of conditions. Driving at speeds too fast for the road and traffic conditions can be dangerous.

Festival Motorhome hire

Love live music, but hate slumming it in a tent? Then Motorhome and Campervan Hire is the answer! There are few things better than enjoying all your favourite bands while basking in glorious sunshine. However, we can't always rely on the weather to play its part. For this reason many people choose to rent motorhomes and campervans- Rather than sheltering in a damp tent they get the comfort of a state of the art motorhome with all the mod cons right at their fingertips? So check out our festival motorhome hire services. What better way to make the most of a glorious long summer of music? Here's a collection of some of our favourite festivals taking place this year:

Download - The Download Festival is a three day rock music festival held annually at Donington Park, England (which hosted Monsters of Rock between 1980 and 1996, and 2002's Ozzfest). It usually takes place in June (although in 2003, the first day of the festival took place on the last day of May). The festival is owned and managed by Live Nation. 10-12 June 2016

Isle of Wight - The Isle of Wight Festival is a music festival which takes place every year on the Isle of Wight in England. It was originally held from 1968 to 1970.  These original events were promoted and organised by the Foulk brothers (Ron, Ray and Bill Foulk) under the banner of their company Fiery Creations Limited. 9-12 June 2016

Glastonbury - The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, commonly abbreviated to Glastonbury or even Glasto, is a performing arts festival that takes place near Pilton, Somerset, England, best known for its contemporary music, but also for dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret and other arts. 22-26 June 2016

T in the Park - T in the Park is a major British music festival that has been held annually since 1994. It is named after its main sponsor, the brewing company Tennents. It was originally held at Strathclyde Park, Lanarkshire but since 1997 has been held at a disused airfield in Balado, Kinross-shire. 8-10 July 2016

Global Gathering - GlobalGathering is an annual dance music festival by Angel Music Group. Festivals are held in countries such as the UK, Poland, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine feature leading electronica artists from across the globe.The festival has been running since 2001; the concept came about following demand in the opening of Angel Music Group’s Code (now Air), the home of Godskitchen.
Camp Bestival - Camp Bestival is a British music festival, the 'little sister' of Bestival, both organised by BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank. It is held annually, in July, at Lulworth - Castle in Dorset and is targeted at families with small children. It has a capacity of 10,000 adults and 5,000 children. It won the Best New Festival award from the UK Festival Awards in 2008.
V Festival - The V Festival is an annual music festival held in England during the penultimate weekend in August. The event is held at two parks simultaneously which share the same bill; artists perform at one location on Saturday and then swap on Sunday. The sites are located at Hylands Park in Chelmsford and Weston Park in South Staffordshire. Although predominantly a rock music festival, a wide range of musical genres are accepted; in recent years pop acts have become more common.
Reading - The Reading Festival is held at Little John's Farm on Richfield Avenue in central Reading, near the Caversham Bridge.

Creamfields -
Creamfelds is a large dance music festival featuring DJs and live acts. It is held annually on the August Bank Holiday weekend in Daresbury, Cheshire, England, just outside of Liverpool where it had previously been held for a number of years. It is renowned for being headlined every year by the band Creme. The festival is run by the people behind Liverpool's famous Cream clubbing brand.

Bestival - Bestival is a four-day music festival held at the Robin Hill country park on the Isle of Wight, England. It has been held annually in late summer since 2004. The event is organized by DJ and record producer Rob da Bank and is an off-shoot of his Sunday Best record label and club nights.
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