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New Zealand 3
- Motorhome Rental Rates
Valid from 1 April 2021 till 31 March 2022
Standard models: NZ3 / Vivid Camper ; NZ3 / Hitop Camper ; NZ3 / Endeavour ; NZ3 / 2ST Euro Tourer ; NZ3 / 4B Euro Camper ; NZ3 / 6 Berth Euro Deluxe ;

Low cost :
NZ3 / Cheapa Hitop ; NZ3 / Cheapa 2ST ; NZ3 / Cheapa 4Berth ; NZ3 / Cheapa 6Berth


 Long term rentals discounts - 8% for 21+ days



Rates are in NZ Dollars
Rental Depots In New Zealand:

Auckland, Christchurch


The Standard Rental Prices Includes:

* Standard Cover (Liability applies according the rental conditions)

* Unlimited Kilometres

* Complimentary Airport Transfers

* Vehicle Registration Fee

* 15% GST

* General equipment

* Kitchen Kit

Personal Kits

24hr Roadside Assistance

* Extra Driver Fees (3$ per day for Cheapa, maximum 45$)

* Maps and Camp Ground Guides


General Equipment
pegs, clothes line, fire extinguisher, bucket, hose, broom, dustpan and brush.


Kitchen Kit
plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons, bottle opener, can opener, mixing bowls, colander, saucepans, frying pans, and cooking utensils, chopping board, kettle, teapot, toaster and tea towel. Electrical appliances are supplied in vehicles that have 240V.


Personal Kit

complimentary bedding (including sheets, blankets, pillows, pillowcases and towels). .

Vehicle Consultation
On pick up of the vehicle our staff will provide a complimentary vehicle consultation. This includes explaining all the interior and exterior features of the vehicle as well as driving tips.

One Way Rentals - 150$
A one way rental is charged for rentals between North and South Islands and vice versa

Extra Optional Items - payable locally
Camp Chair - $17 each per rental
Camp Table - $24 per rental
2 chairs + table bundle - 44$ per rental
6 chairs + table bundle - 66$ per rental
Snow Chains - $50 per rental  (must be pre-booked)
Heater/Fan - 15$ per rental
Toilet chemicals - 2.5$ each bottle


Baby Seats / Booster Seats - $35 per rental /each chair 
Baby seat and booster seat must be pre-booked.
Note: children under 6 month of age cannot be accomodated in any
of these models .
Baby Seat are required for young children as follows:
6 months to 3 years of age  (on average),
9-18kg weight or above 70 cm of length)
Booster seats are required for young children as follows:
14-26 kg weight or 4-8 years of age (on average)

Baby/Buster seats cannot be fitted in the Cheapa Campa, Hitop Campervan, 
Euro Tourer and Adventure Camper vehicles.

First Aid Kits - $50 per rental
A First Aid kit is supplied in every vehicle. If the seal is broken or the Kit is not 
returned the Kit becomes the property of the renter and a $50 fee is charged 
when the vehicle is returned.


Drop and Go - 75$ pee rental
Simply return the vehicle neat and tidy and we'll take care of the rest including vehicle, cabin and bathroom cleaning (this does not include emptying the toilette cassette and the grey water tank).

Pre-Purchasef Gas Bottle Fee

The gas bottle(s) is supplied full. A service fee is payable on pick up of the vehicle:
$25 - Cheapa Campa/Hitop Campervan/2 Berth S/T Camper
$35 - Motorhomes 4Berth, 6Berth
The gas bottle can be returned empty to Apollo at the completion of the rental.
The fee applies for each part of a multiple rental.

Toll Package - 19$
Credit of $30 when travelling through toll ways

All rates include 15% GST.


Diesel Tax (Road user recovery fee) - Mandatory (paid locally)
7.60 NZ$
per 100km for 2Berth S/T Tourer and
8.02 NZ$ per 100km for 4Berth motorhome   
8.02 NZ$ per 100km for 6Berth motorhome 

All Inclusive Package
(Value Pack) - Pre Paid only
Extra 58$NZ per day (maximum 2900$NZ per rental)

For Cheapa Hitop - extra 38$NZ per day (maximum 1900 NZ$)

For Cheapa 2 / Cheapa 4 / 6 Berth models - extra 50$NZ per day (maximum 2500 NZ$)

The Inclusive Rate includes in addition to the basic rate:

* VIP Cover - Liability Reduction to 0$ (Zero)

* Unlimited windscreen and tyres, undercarriage damage (not valid for Cheapa)
* Undercarriage/Overhead damage (covered for accidental damage)

* Single Vehicle Rollover (not valid for Cheapa)

* Pre-Purchas Gas Bottle

* Camping Chairs and Table

* Baby seat or Booster Seat (on request)

* Snow chains (on request)

* 3 Toilet Chemicals

* For Cheapa also include Extra Driver Fees


Extended Roadside Assistance - $4 per day capped at 25 days.

This includes opening RV on lock out, lost key replacement up to $120, emergency towing up to 25km, jump start, flat tyre change using spare located in the RV, fuel delivery up to 20 litres and call out costs up to $220. Non-mechanical issues are not covered and guests may be required to take the RV to a repairer.


Windscreen and Tyre Protection Plus Extended Roadside Assistance - $7 per day capped at 25 days.

This includes 1 windscreen, 2 tyres and the Extended Roadside Assistance


Single Vehicle Rollover - $5.50 per day, Minimum $50 per rental
available to be booked when Value Pack is purchased on Cheapa


Please read the Terms & Conditions

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