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Spain 2 - Terms & Conditions

Minimum Rental Days

Pick up and drop off days are counted as one rental day

Peak Season - minimum 10-14 days required

All other seasons - 7 days minimum required


Reservations / Payments

Reservations of motorhomes must be confirmed by the rental company in writing and they are exclusively binding for vehicle groups, not for vehicle types.

A down payment of 20% (minimum 400 Euro) is taken after booking is confirmed by an international credit card Visa or Mastercard .The rest of the payments are due and payable 55 days prior to pick up day by an international credit card Visa or Mastercard or via bank transfer.

For reservation made 55 days or less prior to pick up day - full amount is due upon reservation.


Cancellations Fees:

55 days or more prior to pick up - 25% of total amount, (minimum of 400 Euro)

54-20 days prior to pick up - 55% of total amount,

19- 5 days before pick up - 85%  of total amount,

Less than 5 days before pick up / Non show : 100% of total amount.
In any case of cancellation, a handling fee of 50 Euro will be charged, in addition to the cancellation fee.
If  vehicle is returned early for any reason whatsoever No refund available
If a bookings travel dates are amended to a lower season rates or less number of days, the cancellation fee for the original booking will apply.

A cancellation of a booking MUST be made by the client in writing by e-mail or by fax and received at our office during operation hours.


Changes In Reservation

After the reservation has been confirmed, a charge of handling fee of 30 Euro will be applied per any change. This refers only to MINOR changes like adding items, or changing the pick up/drop off date in 1-2 days.

Major changes like: changing dates, changing model, changing location, changing client name would be concidered as cancellation of the booking and will cause cancellation fees.
Changes may be made to a reservation confirmed to the Hirer from the date of reservation until at least sixty days before the agreed commencement of the rental period, as long as the Rental Firm has alternative capacity and the alternative booking corresponds in amount to the first.
Rebookings are only possible in the same calender year.

Minimum age / Authorised drivers / Driving License

The Hirer and any other driver must be at least 25 years old and must have been in

possession of a Class B or comparable international driving licence for at least two years.

Any persons not resident in the territory of the EU must be in possession of an international driving licence.

Please note that some of the vehicles have a total weight of more than 3.5 tonnes and that an appropriate driving licence is required for driving such vehicles. Persons in possession of a Class B driving licence must, as a precaution, consult the Rental Firm about the technically permissible total weight of the vehicle rented.

If, upon renting, a respective driving licence cannot be presented, the motorhome shall be regarded as not collected. In such case, there shall apply the respective terms of cancellation.

The vehicle may only be driven by the Hirer and the drivers registered in the rental



Security Deposit

A security deposit of 750 EUR must be paid on pickup day by Visa or Mastercard credit card only. American Express or Diners are NOT accepted.
If GPS is taken, there will be an extra deposit of 261 Euro.

The security deposit is refunded if the vehicle is returned clean inside, with emptied toilet tank and with no damage. Any extra costs incurred are deducted against the security deposit when the vehicle is returned.

Note - The security deposit is refunded to the credit card account up to 14 days after drop off.

Note: The booking will be made on the name of the main driver who also must be the holder of the credit card for the deposit at pick up.


All depots are closed on Sundays and public holidays
Public Holidays 2021:
01 January, 06 January, 02 April, 01 May (Labor Day), 24 May, 15 August, 12 October, 01 November, 06 December, 08 December, 25-26 December (Christmas)

* NOTE - public holidays may vary depending on the region and specific area. 

Arrival Day - First Night at a Hotel

Clients who arrive by international flights are not allowed to drive a motorhome on flight arrival day. In this case clients must overnight in a motel/hotel.


Getting to the Rental Depots

Arrival to/from the rental center are at the client's expense. 


On-Line Check In : please note you must do Online Check In (Speed-pass) and call the rental location at least 3 working days prior your Pick-Up to arrange a suitable time for the vehicle Pick-Up or the transfer (if booked).


Pick-Up and Drop Off

Pick up and drop off are possible only in the rental depots.

No pickup and drop off on Sunday and holidays (see the above list)
*Pick up and drop off hours are subject to changes.

Barcelona (Manresa - Sallent):

Pick up: Monday to Friday 16:00-18:00
Drop Off:  Monday to Friday 10:00-12:00
Pick up: Monday to Friday 16:00-18:00, Saturday 10:00-12:00
Drop Off: Monday to Saturday 10:00-12:00
Pick up: Monday to Friday 16:00-19:00, Saturday 12:00-14:00
Drop Off: Monday to Saturday 10:00-12:00

San Sebastian: 
Pick up: Monday to Friday 15:00-17:00, Saturday 12:00-12:30
Drop Off: Monday to Friday 09:00-10:00, Saturday 09:00-09:30
Pick up: Monday to
Friday 11:00-12:00.
Drop Off: Monday to
Friday 11:00-13:00.


Pick up: Monday to Friday 09:00-12:00, Saturday 09:30-12:30
Drop Off: Monday to Friday 09:00-12:00, Saturday 09:30-12:30
A Coruna:  
Pick up: Monday to Friday 16:00-19:00,
Saturday 10:00-12:30
Drop Off: Monday to Friday 10:00-12:00,
Saturday 10:00-10:30
Pick up: Monday to Friday 16:00-
19:00, Saturday 12:00-13:00
Drop Off:  Monday to Friday
09:30-12:00, Saturday 10:00

Pick up: Monday to Friday 15:00-17:30, Saturday 09:30-12:00
Drop Off: Monday to Friday 09:00-11:00, Saturday 09:30-11:00
Pick up: Monday to Friday 16:30-18:30, Saturday: 10:00-12:00
Drop Off:  Monday to Saturday 10:00-12:00
Pick up: Monday to Friday 16:00-18:00, Saturday: 10:00-12:30
Drop Off: Monday to Friday 10:00-12:00, Saturday 10:00-12:30
Pick up: Monday to Friday 15:00-17:00, Saturday 09:30-14:00
Drop Off: Monday to Saturday 09:00-11:00

Pick up Monday- Saturday: 08:30-10:00
Drop Off: Monday- Saturday: 08:30-12:00
Pick up Monday to Friday 16:00-18:00,
Saturday closed
Drop Off Monday to Friday 10:00-12:00,
Saturday closed

Pick up: Monday to Friday 16:00-18:00, Saturday: 10:00-12:00
Drop Off:  Monday to Friday 09:00-11:00, Saturday 10:00-12:00

Pick up Monday to Friday 15:00-17:00,
Saturday closed
Drop Off Monday to Friday 09:00-10:00,
Saturday closed 
Pick up Monday to Friday 16:30-18:30,
Saturday: 10:00-12:30
Drop Off Monday to
Saturday 10:00-12:30

Pick up Monday to Friday 16:00-18:00,
Saturday: 09:30-11:00
Drop Off Monday to
Saturday 09:30-11:00
Pick up Monday to
Saturday 09:00-18:00
Drop Off Monday to
Saturday 09:00-18:00


* Pick up in the morning (Mondays to Fridays) is possible only with permit and in the cost of extra day.

* Saturday Pick up -  with additional charge of 66 EUR

* Saturday Drop Off-  with additional charge of 66 EUR
The renter is obliged to participate in a comprehensive vehicle instructions tour at the rental station.

Any resulting delays of receipt and costs are at the expense of the renter. 

NOTE: Pick up and drop off hours are subject to changes.


* Before signing the contract please check the vehicle from the inside and outside and make sure there are no damages or broken parts. If there is some damage, have it noted to the rental agent in writing.

* Make sure you have all the items you paid for, and that nothing is missing.

* Before the departure make sure you know how to operate all the motorhome systems, mechanicals and electrical: refrigerator, heating, air condition, water etc. If it's not clear, you may ask for explanations.

* Please ask for a map or directions to nearby campground and supermarkets for you to stock up on food and bottled water.


Drop Off Procedure:
* The Vehicle must return clean on the inside & with emptied toilet tank, Otherwise the client will be charged for the cleaning costs of at least
116 EUR + 165 EUR for dumping.

* The return of the vehicle is confirmed by the signature of the officer of the rental station on the return report. Without that signature, all damage to the vehicle is to be borne by the renter, especially if the vehicle is left at the station outside the business hours.



Fuel and operating costs are to be borne by the renter.

The vehicles are handed with full fuel tank and must be returned with full fuel tank, otherwise there will be a charge of  2 EUR per liter of diesel.


Late Return
The client will be charged of 30 EUR for every extra hour or part of an hour (and maximum daily rate for every day late) of being late, and also for all other losses caused by the delay.

Early Return

There will be no refund for early return.


Return Checklist, Damage Report

Any damages detected by the renter on the vehicle or its equipment after the start of the rental period must be immediately reported to the rental station, or at the latest, when the vehicle is returned.

The renter cannot assert any claims if the underlying damages of such claims are not established in the checklist in writing and in detail.


Prohibited Use, Duties of Care

The Hirer confirms to have received the vehicle in a flawless technical condition and

equipped with the required documentation, the appropriate tools, tyres and accessories and obliges himself to keep it in a good condition. Furthermore, he obliges himself to always comply with the obligations and restrictions set forth in the applicable Road Traffic Regulations and moreover -

a. not to allow that it is driven by any person other than himself or by any persons who do not have an express permission to drive it;

b. not to transport more persons than specified in the vehicle documents;

c. not to sublet the vehicle, not to transport persons for commercial purposes and to refrain from any kind of use not set forth in the contract;

d. not to transport any goods, narcotics, toxic or inflammable products;

e. not to leave it to a third party for use, whether against or without payment, and not to support offenders in any way;

f. not to commit any punishable acts, even if they are only liable to punishment at the place of the offence;

g. not to drive the vehicle in a physically limited condition due to consumption of alcohol or narcotics, tiredness or illness;

h. not to leave the rod network or drive on unsuitable terrain or participate with the

vehicle in sports competitions, vehicle tests, races or other events by which the vehicle might suffer damage;

i. not to use the vehicle for push-starting or towing other vehicles or trailers;

j. not to unseal and/or manipulate the odometer, the Rental Firm having to be immediately informed about a possible damage to the odometer;

k. not to leave, without the Rental Firm‘s permission, the territory of the following countries: Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, the Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland;

l. not to make journeys to countries that are in a state of war or where armed conflicts take place - journeys to such countries are expressly forbidden ;

m. to park and keep the vehicle properly and to protect it against frost damage, hail and rock-fall or other atmospheric events that may cause damage to the vehicle.

n. The Hirer is expressly prohibited from changing any technical features, the keys, locks, equipment, tools and/or accessories of the vehicle or altering its external and internal appearance in any way, unless with the express written approval of the Rental Firm. In case of an infringement of this paragraph, the Hirer must bear all costs of restoring the original condition of the vehicle as well of periods of immobilization of the vehicle until its complete repair.

*  The vehicle must be treated carefully and appropriately and must be properly locked. The regulations and technical rules applicable to its use must be complied with. Its operating condition, in particular oil and water levels and tyre pressure, must be monitored.

* The Hirer undertakes to check the vehicle regularly to make sure that it is in a roadworthy condition.

*  All vehicles are non-smoking vehicles. Pets may only be carried subject to the Rental Firm's express approval. Cleaning expenses caused by non-compliance with these regulations must be borne by the Hirer. Any costs which may be incurred for ventilation or for the elimination of contamination with smoke, including lost profit resulting from temporary non-availability of the vehicle for rental owing to these circumstances, shall also be borne by the Hirer.


What to Do in the Event of an Accident

After an accident or damage caused by fire, theft or collision with a wild animal (game), the police must be informed immediately and also the Rental Firm via the phone number of the rental station (telephone number stated in the rental contract), at the latest on the working day following the day of the accident/incident. It is not permitted to accept any third-party claims as valid.


Except for a "declaration of amicable settlement", there must not be made any admission of fault or any anticipations with regard to fault. The Hirer must record the data of the other party involved in the accident and of the witnesses and send them, together with information on the way the accident happened, to the Rental Firm within the defined period and must immediately inform the authorities if the accident was caused due to the fault of the other party involved in the accident. The accident report must be properly completed and signed and handed over to the Rental Firm upon return of the vehicle at the latest. The document must in particular include the names and addresses of the persons involved, the data included in the driving licence, the information on the other party involved in the accident, including the name of the insurance company and the number of the policy, the information on witnesses, if any, as well as the registration numbers of the vehicles involved.


In the event of a robbery or theft of the vehicle, a notice must be immediately given to the competent authority and the Rental Firm must be informed simultaneously. Not later than within 24 hours, the Rental Firm must be sent a copy of the notice together with the vehicle keys. Otherwise, the insurance contracts and amounts of coverage are void.


Also in case of a damage without an adverse party, the Hirer must, irrespective of the amount of the damage, prepare a detailed written report together with a respective sketch for the Rental Firm. If the Hirer, for whatever reason, fails to write the report and that way causes that the insurance company does not pay compensation for the damage, he shall be obliged to pay the respective total amount.


The vehicle must not be left without taking measures for appropriately securing and

protecting it, for which purpose the road traffic safety organization named by the insurance company is to be contacted, if necessary.


In case the Hirer fails to take the measures to be taken in a given case, the Rental Firm can claim from the Hirer compensation for the damage caused by his negligence, including compensation for loss of profit of the Rental Firm during the time the vehicle is immobilized.


Liability And Insurance

In accordance with the principles of a comprehensive vehicle insurance [Kasko insurance], the Rental Firm will, in case of a damage, fully indemnify the Hirer against liability for material damage, subject to an excess to an amount of 750 Euro Per Event,  to be borne by the Hirer.

Under no circumstance, the Hirer is released from its liability under civil law, administrative law or criminal law as a consequence of accidents or negligent acting.

The indemnity against liability according to will not apply if the Hirer has caused a damage by intent or gross negligence.


In case of negligence, the Hirer will be moreover liable in the following cases:

a. in the Hirer disregards the road traffic rules or regulations applicable in the country where he drives;

b. if loss/damage was caused by impaired ability to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol;

c. if the Hirer or a driver to whom the Hirer has left the vehicle commits hit-and-run driving (absconds after an accident);

d. if the Hirer fails to call the police to an accident, unless such breach of obligation has neither affected the assessment of the cause of the damage nor the assessment of the amount of damage;

e. if the Hirer breaches any other obligations , unless such breach of obligation has neither affected the assessment of the cause of the damage nor the assessment of the amount of damage;

f. if loss/damage is due to usage prohibited .

g. if loss/damage is due to a breach of an obligations

h. if loss/damage is caused by an unauthorised driver to whom the Hirer has left the vehicle;

i. if loss/damage is due to a failure to take account of the vehicle's dimensions (height, width, length);

j. if loss/damage is due to a failure to comply with the load regulations.


The Hirer is liable for all costs, fees, fines and penalties imposed on the Rental Firm in connection with the use of the vehicle, unless they are based on a fault on part of the Rental Firm.


Several Hirers a are jointly and severally liable.


Liability of the Rental Firm, Statute of Limitation

The Hirer must return the vehicle in a flawless condition after respective inspection

and performance of maintenance work required for its perfect operation. The Hirer shall be neither liable for cases of technical failure or breakdown attributable to normal wear and tear of the vehicle nor for any costs, delays or impairments that occurred directly or indirectly as a consequence of such failure or breakdown.


If a supply of the vehicle in due time is not possible due to force majeure, accidental

events or reasons that the Hirer is not responsible for, that does not cause a right to claim damages, except for the repayment of the amount paid on account for the reservation by the Rental Firm to the Hirer.


The Rental Firm does not assume liability for the Hirer's car parked on its premises free of charge during the term of rental of the motorhome.


The Rental Firm is liable without limitation for intent and gross negligence. In case of simple negligence, the Rental Firm is only liable for foreseeable loss/damage typical of the type of contract concerned, if there is a breach of an obligation the meeting of which is of particular importance to the achievement of the purpose of the contract (cardinal duty).

This standard of liability also applies in cases of obstacles to performance upon conclusion of the contract.


Defects in the motorhome

The vehicle is handed with instructions from all manufacturers of the technical equipment in the folder with the vehicle papers. In the event of technical problem, client should read first these instructions carefully as he may be able to avoid operating problems right from the beginning.

In the event of technical problems, client should contact the respective emergency number of the vehicle manufacturers or one of the rental branches, which will be glad to help and assist.

All relevant telephone numbers are written in the brochure or on the rental agreement.

Client must notify the rental station in advance of any defects that cannot be completely repaired during the journey, so that the stay in the workshop can be better planned and the necessary spares be obtained beforehand.


Repairs, substitute vehicle

If any warning light in the vehicle lights up, the vehicle must be stopped as soon as

possible and the Rental Firm or exclusively the road traffic safety organization named by the Rental Firm is to be informed; there may be exclusively consulted an authorised repair firm, unless an express other permission has been obtained from the Rental Firm.


The Hirer may order repairs that are necessary in order to maintain the vehicle in a

good working and roadworthy condition during the rental period provided they do not exceed a price of 150 EURO . He only needs the approval of the Rental Firm for that purpose. The latter will assume the repair costs against submission of the original invoices and the parts replaced, as long as the Hirer is not liable for the damage.

This does not apply to tyre damage.


If a defect for which the Rental Firm is responsible makes such a repair necessary and if the Hirer does not have the defect rectified on his own initiative, the Hirer must notify the Rental Firm of the defect immediately and set a reasonable deadline for its repair. The Rental Firm does not assume liability for any circumstances specific to a particular country that may delay the repair.


In case of damage to components of the living area, the Hirer must report such damage immediately to the Rental Firm from whom he will get the respective instructions for the repair.


If, without any fault on the part of the Hirer, the motorhome suffers serious damage

or if it is foreseeable that the vehicle cannot be used for an unreasonably long time or is to be taken off the road and the Rental Firm can provide the Hirer with a substitute vehicle with either the same or a higher number of places within a reasonable period of time, a termination of the contract is excluded.


If, due to the Hirer's fault, the motorhome suffers serious or if it is foreseeable that

the vehicle cannot be used for a longer time or is to be taken off the road, the Rental Firm can refuse the supply of a substitute vehicle. In such case, a termination of the contract by the Hirer is excluded. In case the Rental Firm can make a substitute vehicle available to the Hirer, it can charge the resulting costs to the Hirer's account.


Traveling Abroad

Journeys abroad within Europe are permitted. Journeys to countries outside of Europe are subject to the prior approval of the Rental Firm. Journeys to areas affected by war or crisis are prohibited.


Traveling East Europe

Any trips to East European countries are subject to a prior approval and special insurance, and requires the signature of the client at the time of pick up, that he MUST park the vehicle only in organized places.    

The client has to take in consideration that the road assistance in case of technical problem might be more problematic in East Europe.



All vehicles are non-smoking vehicles.



The transport of pets is only permitted with the express consent of the Rental Firm. Cleaning expenses, which result from non-observance, have to be paid by the hirer.


Safety Rules

In every refueling and every time before you start out on a journey, please switch the gas-fuelled equipment off.


Winter Warning

External temperatures of 0 C (32 Fahrenheit) or below might cause the pipes to freeze. Under weather conditions like these, the vehicle will have to be permanently heated.

Please observe the instructions as to the frost protection device, which protects the boiler against frost. If the vehicle is not sufficiently heated, the frost protection device discharges the water from the boiler in order to prevent the boiler walls from breaking. 
Please ask for more information at the rental depot.



Illustrations and text in our website are a representation only of the vehicle depicted. Variances in the vehicles offered for rental may occur due to substitutions made by the rental company or modifications and/or upgrades to the vehicle design made by the manufacturer.

Motorhome International is independent, not an agent for any particular car/motor-home rental company. Motorhome International arrange the rental between the client and the rental company. when you pick up the vehicle, you must sign a rental contract provided by the rental company and subject to local laws.

Original Terms & Conditions 2012 (PDF Version)  

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