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UK and Scotland- Terms & Conditions


Minimum Rental Days

Pick up and drop off days are counted as 2 separate rental days

Between the dates 23 December - 2 January a minimum of 10 days required

All other dates - 7 days minimum required


Reservations / Payments:

The balance of hire charges must be paid six weeks prior to the start of the hire

200 Pounds down payment is taken after booking is confirmed

For reservation made six weeks or less prior pick up - full amount is due upon booking confirmation.


Cancellations Fee

* 8-6 weeks prior to pick up -15% of total amount, minimum 200 GBP

* 6-4 weeks prior to pick up - 25%+vat of total amount

* 4-2 weeks prior to pick up - 35%+vat of total amount

* Less than 2 weeks before pick up / Non show: 100% of total amount

* In any case of cancellation, a handling fee of 50 GBP will be charged, in addition to the cancellation fee.


Changes In Reservation

After thereservation has been confirmed, a charge of handling fee of 25 GBP will be applied per any change. Changes can be made until 3 working days before the beginning of the rental at the latest.


Driver Qualifications

* Vehicles are right hand drive with manual transmission.

* There is no restriction on number of persons who may drive provided they meet the criteria below.

* 2 drivers are included in hire rates. Additional driver cost 4.20 GBP per day.

* Drivers must be between the age of 25 and 70. Consideration will be given to drivers outside this age band provided we are consulted in advance and we are able to obtain cover from our insurers. An additional premium may be required in advance.

* Each driver must present at the start of the hire a current, valid, full, domestic license with at least 3 years driving experience.

* Satisfactory completion of our insurance questionnaire at the start of the hire covering medical history, driving convictions, insurance refusals or loading and driving convictions. If you are in any doubt as to an ability to comply with insurers requirements contact us in advance with full details.

PLEASE NOTE: No refund will be allowable if at the start of the hire if no driver in the party can comply with above conditions.


Stations Operation Hours:
Stations are open Monday to Saturday 08:00 AM- 17:00 PM.

Stations are closed on Sundays, Christmas and New Year day.
Sunday pick up is possible with Pre-arrangement with extra cost of 80 GBP per each Sunday pick up or Sunday drop Off.


Pick up and drop off Hours

All hires start at 14:00 hours on the day the hire commences and all returns are to be completed by 11:00 hours.

We can sometimes alter these times, by prior agreement.

Pick up and drop off are possible only in the rental depots only.


Arrival Day - First Night at a Hotel

For clients who arrive by transatlantic flights, it is recommended to overnight the first night at a hotel/motel before collecting the vehicle.


Transfers to the Rental Depots

* UK
Transfers to Essex (London) depot from airport (Heathrow,
Gatwick or Stansted ) or City will cost 95 GBP per party + VAT , for a maximum of 7 persons.
* Scotland
Transfers to Cleland depot from airport Glasgow, Edinburgh and Prestwick) will cost 70 GBP per party + VAT, for a maximum of 7 persons.

All transfers must be pre-booked and pre-paid.


Delays at pick up
The rental company will endeavour to ensure all hires commence at the agreed time.
Certain circumstances may prevent this taking place and the rental company admits no liability in this connection except to the limit of refund of hire hours or days lost.



Before signing the contract please check the vehicle from the inside and outside and

make sure there are no damages or broken parts. If there is some damage, have it

noted to the rental agent in writing.

Make sure you have all the items you paid for, and that nothing is missing.

Before the departure make sure you know how to operate all the motorhome systems,

mechanicals and electrical: refrigerator, heating, air condition, water etc. If it is not

clear, you may ask for explanations.


Return Procedure
At the conclusion of the hire the vehicle will be checked in and any damage, not present at the start of the hire, will be noted, the hirer will be asked to sign a form stating that no accidents have taken place, involving the hire vehicle, during the period on hire.
All hirers are asked to return vehicles in a clean and tidy condition as failure to do so may incur an additional charge for cleaning.
Failure to empty waste from the toilet cassette will incur of an additional charge of 40 GBP.


Vehicle collection and return

If a hirer fails to arrive on the day on which the hire commences and the booking is paid for, the rental company will not allow the rental to be extended unless the vehicle is available. In the event of extension the appropriate daily rate will be added to the hire fee. The onus is on the hirer to advise us if there is to be a delay on collection, delays of over 48 hours may result in the vehicle being re-let in which case , the rental company will accept no liability for any inconvenience caused.

Late returns cannot be considered unless the rental company has been advised of, and agreed a delay or an extension. It is also subject to the practicality of the payment of the extended hire period before it commences. Failure to advise will invalidate insurance and may result in criminal prosecution of the driver. Agreed late returns are charged at the appropriate daily rate.

Late returns that have not been agreed will be charged at 125 GBP per day, or part thereof

Early return - There will be no refund for early return, or unused days.


Return Checklist, Damage Report

Any damages detected by the renter on the vehicle or its equipment after the start of the rental period must be immediately reported to the rental station, or at the latest, when the vehicle is returned.

The renter cannot assert any claims if the underlying damages of such claims are not established in the checklist in writing and in detail.



Each vehicle is delivered with a full fuel load of diesel and must be returned with a full tank. If the vehicle is not returned full, a charge of 2 GBP per liter will be charged.


Prohibited Use, Duties of Care

The Hirer is responsible for the vehicle rented by him/her during the time from receiving the keys until their return.

The hirer and the authorised drivers are strictly prohibited from:

* using the vehicle for a participation in motor sport events or in tests;

* using the vehicle for the transport of inflammable, explosive, corrosive, fire-promoting, poisonous or other dangerous substances;

* using the vehicle for the commercial transport of passengers;

* hiring the vehicle out to a third party;

* Smoking in the vehicle. In case of a failure to comply with this prohibition, the Hirer must pay to the Rental Firm, in addition to the rental charge, the costs for cleaning, ventilation and decontamination as well as a loss of profit caused by a temporary non-availability of the vehicle for rental caused by such circumstances;

* transporting any pets without the prior express approval of the Rental Firm. In case of a failure to comply with this prohibition, the Hirer must pay to the Rental Firm, in addition to the rental charge, the costs for cleaning, ventilation and decontamination as well as a loss of profit caused by a temporary non-availability of the vehicle for rental caused by such circumstances;

* using the vehicle for any illegal purposes;

* transporting a major number of passengers than specified in the vehicle registration document;

* loading the vehicle beyond its admissible total vehicle weight;

* hooking a trailer or a vehicle up to the motorhome;

* using the vehicle for driving on rough terrain or on paths that cannot be used without a danger of damage to the motorhome and/or its tyres.

The vehicle must be treated carefully and appropriately and kept properly locked while

it is parked, even if for a short time only. The Hirer must keep the vehicle documents in a safe place on his/her own person.

* The Hirer must check oil and water levels and tyre pressure. He/she is obliged to check regularly whether the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.

The Hirer undertakes to treat the vehicle with all due care and to observe the recommendations for utilization given by the manufacturer and the Rental Firm.

* The vehicle must always be properly locked.

The relevant instructions for use and technical rules as well as the maintenance periods must be observed. The renter undertakes to check regularly whether the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.

In case of a failure to observe the provisions of the above item, the Rental Firm is entitled to terminate the rental contract automatically, with immediate effect and with-out any further formalities due to the Hirer‘s fault. Moreover, the amounts of cover under the insurance are excluded.

We draw the Hirer‘s attention to the dimensions of the vehicle that will require increased attention for certain manoeuvres and may make it impossible to pass certain traffic infrastructures (bridges, tunnels, etc.) with a limited height.



The hire fee includes vehicle insurance, for British mainland travel only.

LLI will not limit liability in the case of damage above cab height and roof damage. If any accident occurs which is the fault of the hirer.

The rental company reserves the right not to supply a replacement vehicle if said accident was caused by recklessness or negligence by the hirer. A further damage deposit will be required in the event of a replacement being supplied.


A damage security deposit (Bond) of 1000 GBP is required at the start of the hire to cover any damages or expenses against the vehicle not covered by insurance. This deposit must take the form of cash, signed travellers cheques or an authorised credit card slip. This deposit is fully refunded on the return of the vehicle in satisfactory condition. All clients travelling from mainland Britain to Europe must have adequate Personal Accident Insurance at the start of the hire to cover the full period abroad. Evidence of such will be required before the hire can commence.


European Recovery Insurance (ERI)
ERI is mandatory for all vehicles during the period they will be traveling outside mainland Britain. This provides a bail bond for Spain, Green Card and for the supply of a replacement vehicle or the repatriation to our depot of the passengers in the event of mechanical malfunction or accident. The supply of a replacement vehicle is subject to availability. In case of accident a further ERI premium is required; whoever is responsible for the accident.

ERI is charged at the rate of 140 GBP for the first 2 weeks and at the rate of 40 GBP per week thereafter. ERI is required in mainland Europe, Eire, Northern Ireland and all offshore islands. The rates above only cover countries in the European Community, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Austria.
Please advise in advance if you intend to visit Eastern European countries or North Africa


The insurance does not cover:

* Damage to areas above cab height caused by striking an overhead object is classed as negligent and is subject to an excess of up to 2000 GBP per claim

* Tyres ; Windows ; Car radio; Personal belongings;

* Damage to the interior of the vehicle;

* Frost damage.

* In case of damage caused by intent or fraud on part of the Hirer or the driver;

* When damage is caused while the Hirer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

* If the Hirer or the driver have given false information and were not of the required age or were not in the possession of the legally prescribed required and valid license and permits;

* If the Hirer or a driver to whom the Hirer has let the vehicle has committed hit-and run driving;

* When any damage is cause by a drive who was not named upon renting the vehicle;

* When damage is caused by a failure to observe the vehicle dimensions;

* When damage is caused by a failure to observe the regulations as to additional load and total vehicle weight.

* According to the principle of limitation of penalty claims to the author, the Hirer is solely liable for any infringements under penal law that are committed during the time he/she has the vehicle in his/her possession. He/she must pay the respective fines.

The Hirer is jointly and severally liable, together with the drivers, for the conditions of the contract and its appendices


Breakdown, Malfunction, Repairs
The rental company maintains all vehicles to the highest standard but recognize that mechanical failure may occur. Every vehicle is covered by breakdown insurance and The rental company will make any effort to resolve and problems that may arise. Should the vehicle fall short of the standard , you require please inform The rental company immediately and they will take whatever steps are necessary to resolve the problem.

The rental company will Authorize refunds of up to 100 GBP without prior authority for necessary repairs provided a valid receipt, and wherever possible the faulty parts, are produced.

Minor running repairs such as tyres, bulbs, oil and radio aerials are the responsibility of the hirer.

The rental company is not responsible for additional charges arising from breakdown or accident and its liability is limited to the replacement of the vehicle (subject to availability) or refund of hire charges for any days lost due to vehicle malfunction). All decisions regarding refunds are at the sole discretion of the rental company. The hirers attention is drawn to the need for engine fluid levels to be checked on a daily basis and the vehicle to be used in the manner for which it is intended.


What to Do in the Event of an Accident

After an accident, theft or fire damage (even in case of a minor damage) that the vehicle is affected by or involved in, the Hirer must carefully comply with the following regulations - otherwise, he/she will forfeit any insurance and will be obliged to fully settle the damage:

* The Hirer must report the matter to the police and inform by telephone the rental station not later than in the course of the working day following the day of the respective incident.

The Hirer must not recognize any claims of the adverse party.

* Even in case of a minor damage, the Hirer must submit a written report to the Rental Firm, stating the circumstances, the date, the place and the time of the case of damage as well as the names and addresses of the witnesses and persons involved.

After an accident, the Hirer must submit a written report, stating the circumstances, the date, the place and the time of the case of damage as well as the names and ad-dresses of the witnesses and persons involved, their policy numbers and the names of their insurance companies as well as the registration numbers of the vehicles involved. These documents are to be handed over to the Rental Firm upon return of the vehicle at the latest.



All vehicles are non-smoking vehicles.



No pets are allowed.


Safety Rules

In every refueling and every time before you start out on a journey, please switch the gas-fuelled equipment off.


Winter Warning

Hirers should advise if they intent to travel to areas of extreme cold as it is possible the gas, water and diesel fuel may freeze.

External temperatures of 0 C (32 Fahrenheit) or below might cause the pipes to freeze. Under weather conditions like these, the vehicle will have to be permanently heated. Please observe the instructions as to the frost protection device, which protects the boiler against frost. If the vehicle is not sufficiently heated, the frost protection device discharges the water from the boiler in order to prevent the boiler walls from breaking.



Illustrations and text in our website are a representation only of the vehicle depicted. Variances in the vehicles offered for rental may occur due to substitutions made by the rental company or modifications and/or upgrades to the vehicle design made by the manufacturer.

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