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                      Motorhome rental In Norway 2021

                       All Rates are In NOK (Norvegian Krona) / per day 


Seasons Dates

Low Season - 12 January till 16 June, 20 August till 21 December

Peak Season - 17 June till 19 August
Christmas Season - 22 December till 10 January 2022


Long Term Discounts:
5% Discount apply for 21-30 days
8% Discount apply for 31 rental days or more

Rental Locations
Oslo - 10 km from OSL international airport
 (16 minutes by bus from airport)

Bergen: 30 km from BGO (Bergen Airport) (about 700-1000 NOK by taxi)
Trondheim - 50 km from TRD airport. (about 100 Euro by Taxi)

Grimstad - 48 km from kristiansand lufthavn kjevik airport (about 900-1300 NOK by taxi)
Stavanger - 30 km from Sola airport (about 1100 NOK by taxi)
Bjerkvik - 41 km from Evenes airport (about 1100 NOK by taxi)
Nordkjosbotn - 75 from Tromso Airport (about 1850 NOK by taxi)


The Rental Prices Includes:

Unlimited km

Local taxes 25%

Comprehensive coverage insurance with 15,000 NOK deductible per occurrence,

Third-party liability insurance with a global limit of indemnity of 50 million Eur

(physical injuries up to 8 million euros per person)

Fiat mobility program + emergency service

Additional driver - with no extra charge

Kitchen equipment


Service Fee (Must be pre-paid) = 1910 NOK

This service fee includes: 

Full fresh water tank

2 bottles of gas (1 full bottle and 1 used bottle)

Toilet chemicals

Balancing wedges

Electric cable drum

Fresh Water hose

Exterior cleaning of the vehicle after use

Guiding about the usage of the vehicle  

* Saturday Pick up / Saturday Drop off: 1010 NOK (per each Saturday)


Extra Charge Items - Must be pre-paid
Toll charge - 95 NOK per day - mandatory charge

Kitchen equipment - no charge (see list below)

Bedding set - 490 NOK per person (blanket, pillow, bed linen, sheet)

Towels set - 160 NOK per person (1 bath towel, 1 towel, 1 dish towel)
Camping set - 370 NOK per rental (1 table & chairs)

Child safety seat - 260 NOK per rental (for a child under 4 years old)

Child raised seat (Booster) - 150 NOK per rental (for a child age: 4-12 year old)

Bicycle rack - NO Charge (It is not possible to rent bicycles)

Snow chains - 430 NOK per rental

Winter Tyres - 890 NOK per rental -mandatory between 1 November till 19 April
(till 30 April if pick up in Bjerkvik or Nordkjosbotn) 
CDW Insurance - 100 NOK per day (excess reduction from 15,000 to 9,000 NOK per event
GPS with maps of Norway, Sweden and Finland - 360 NOK per rental plus 700 NOK deposit

Transfers - Oslo
Oslo Airport to Oslo rental station Or Oslo rental station to Oslo Airport for up to 4 people  = 690 NOK
Oslo Airport to Oslo rental station Or Oslo rental station to Oslo Airport for up to 6 people  = 890 NOK

All Vehicles Include
Manual Transmission, Power Steering, Kitchen with sink, Gas stove with 2-3 burners, Fridge and freezer (12V, 220V, Gas), Gas heating, Fresh water Tank,  Security belts, 220V Electricity Power, Control Panel, extra 12V Battery for parking, Electric cable drum, 2 bottles of propane (gas) , radio and CD, Vehicle Balancing Bracket to be placed under tyer to level and/or straighten the vehicle if required, Awning, Air conditioning in driver's cabin, Curtains, kitchen utensils (see below).

Kitchen Equipment (Included in the Rental Price)

big plates, small plates, soup plates, coffee cups, Drinking glasses, cutlery, salad bowls, coffee pot, coffee filter ,cutting knife, cutting board, 1 cork screw, can opener, ladle, wooden spoon, palette knife, pots, pan.
list of equipment night change.


General Note
All reservations are confirmed according to vehicle category and not according to vehicle model.
Interior design, measurements and floor plans may differ within any vehicle category.
Illustrations and text in our website are a representation only of the vehicle depicted. Variances in the vehicles offered for rental may occur due to substitutions made by the rental company or modifications and/or upgrades to the vehicle design made by the manufacturer. 

Please read the Rental Conditions 

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