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CANADA-1  Terms & Conditions


Rental Day

Rental charges are based on rates in effect at pick-up day.


Minimum Rental Periods

No minimum rental requirement.


Maximum Rental Periods

Flex rate at pickup valid for maximum 35 days.

For longer period rentals, more than 35 days, the price will be recalculated and the Flex Rate from the 36th night will be applied.


Reservations / Payments /Credit Cards

300 CAD$ down payment is charged after booking is confirmed, via client's credit

card Visa or Master Card. This is non refundable in case of booking cancellation.

Full payment is required 55 days prior to pick up date.

All renters must possess a valid credit card Visa or Mastercard.

Items must pre-paid upon reservation:  Tax, Extra km Packages, One way Fee,

Northern Surcharge.


Cancellation Charges

55 days or more prior to departure - 5% of total, minimum 300 CAD$ 

54 -20 days prior to departure - 15% of total, minimum 550 CAD$

19 -11 days prior to departure - 25% of total, minimum 800 CAD$

10 days or less prior departure day/no shows - 100% of the rental

For one-way rental cancellation- the full one-way drop off fee plus taxes will be added to the regular cancellation charges
Local sales taxes apply to all charges of cancellation.
In any case of cancellation, a handling fee of 100 CAD$ will be charged, in addition to the cancellation fee.
If vehicle is returned early for any reason whatsoever No refund available
If the bookings travel dates are amended to a lower season rates or less number of days, the cancellation fee for the original booking will apply.

Flex Rates cannot be combined with any other rate scheme (for example special offers).  The rental company will not accept cancellations of any other rate scheme that are then re-booked using Flex Rates or vice versa.
A cancellation notice of a booking MUST be made by the client in writing by e-mail or by fax and received at our office during operation hours.

Group bookings
Other rates and conditions apply to groups of 5 or more vehicles.
Please request.


Amendments - Reservation changes

The flex rate of a confirmed booking will not change with requested changes to party size and/or adding prepaid items.

The flex rate of a confirmed booking will be recalculated using the most current Flex Rate or the higher rate if the following occurs:
1. Change of booking name
2. Change of Vehicle Type
3. Change of pick up location or drop off location
4. Change in the pick up date or drop off date 
An amendment fee of 50$ will be charged per change after the booking is confirmed.
After the booking is fully paid by the client -
There will be No refund in case the length of hire is shortened, and the client will be charged at the number of nights originally booked.
There will be No refund for reducing km packs or extra pre-paid items after the full payment was made.

A relocation fee may apply if the collection or return location is amended within 14 nights of RV pick up or if notification occurs during the hire.
No refund for late pick up or early return of the RV.


Rental Extension

If a client wishes to extend the booking whilst on hire, they must first obtain authorization from CanaDream Reservations who will advise of the additional costs. Rental extension is subject to fleet availability. The extra cost of an extended booking must be paid by credit card over the telephone or at a CanaDream location immediately on confirmation of the booking extension. If the client decides to extend their booking duration before pick-up (changing the drop-off date) the Booking Amendment policy applies.


Security Deposit 

Rentals require a deposit of 750 CAD$ (1500CAD$ for drivers 21 to 24 years)

The Security deposit on the RV is only payable at pick up by major credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club & Union Pay.

Cash payments will not be accepted at rental branches.

The deposit will be processed to that credit card at pick up and refunded to the same credit card upon the return of the vehicle in the same condition as it was received and not involved in any incident claims.

Any client that is involved in an incident will have their deposit held (to the maximum charge) for a minimum of 60 days until the incident claim is closed.

Claims that are less than the deposit amount will have the difference refunded to the client upon closing of the incident claim.


Payment at Branches

For security reasons, the rental company will only accept credit card or debit card for rental charges paid on RV pick up or drop off. Cash payments will not be accepted at rental branches.


Rental Stations - Hours of Operation

All location are open (except Whitehorse)

1 May to 30 September: 8AM till 6PM, 7 days a week

1 October to 30 April: 8AM till 5PM, Monday to Saturday  


Whitehorse location is open:

1-27 May and 18 September till 15 October: 8AM till 4PM, Monday to Friday  

28 May till 17 September: 8AM till 6PM, Monday to Saturday

16 October till 30 April: Closed for the winter


Sunday Pick Up/Drop off

For pick ups between 1 May and 30 September: no charge

(except in Edmonton where station is closed on Sundays)

For pick ups between 1 October  and 30 April - 375$


Holidays Canada: 2019

New Years Day - January 1, 2019
Family Day - February 18, 2019
Good Friday - April 19, 2019

Thanksgiving - October 14, 2019

Remembrance Day - November 11, 2019

Christmas December - 25, 2019
Boxing Day December - 26, 2019

Pick Up Procedure

Monday-Sunday between 1PM - 4PM (13:00-16:00)

Clients MUST call the pickup location either the day before pick up till 6 PM

or on the morning of pick up between 8-10 am, where they will be informed

of their designated pick-up time and a transfer booked if required (from airport

or airport hotel).

Arriving at a station without a prior appointment may result in delays, so please

phone ahead so we can ensure things go as smoothly as possible.
From the time you arrive until you leave our station, it may take anywhere from

1 to 2 hours. Please count on approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour for the paper work. The personalized vehicle instruction may take anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour . Allocating this amount of time ensures that all your questions can be clearly answered, and that you are fully aware of how to operate your vehicle before you leave on your trip.


Online check in

All clients are required to complete online check in at least 12 hours prior to their vehicle pick up. Check in can be completed as early as their booking is completed and it helps the pick-up station to allocate their pick-up time in advance of the day. This also reduces time taken at check in on the day, allowing more time to spend on the vehicle demonstration.




Before signing the contract please check the vehicle from the inside and outside

and make sure there are no damages or broken parts. If there is some damage,

have it noted to the rental agent in writing.

Make sure you have all the items you paid for, and that nothing is missing.

Before the departure make sure you know how to operate all the motorhome

systems mechanicals and electrical: refrigerator, heating, air condition, water etc.

If it's not clear, you may ask for explanations.

Please ask for a map or directions to nearby campground and supermarkets for

you to stock up on food and bottled water.


Drop Off  Procedure

Monday-Sunday between 8AM - 10 AM (08:00-10:00)
RV's must be returned with the interior cleaned and holding tanks emptied.

The RV's exterior should be clean enough to allow inspection of the vehicle for any damage. Fees will apply if the RV is not returned in the required condition.
Both the gray and black water tanks must be emptied into appropriate dump stations before the unit is returned.Otherwise a $75.00 dumping charge applies
Please sweep out the unit, ensure the fridge is empty with any spills wiped out, and that the stove is wiped down so it is free of grease. If you choose not to clean your unit, cleaning charges of $75.00/hour will apply.

You will receive the vehicle with at least a quarter tank of fuel. You must return it with at least that amount or you will be charged a fuel fee $65.00 per 1/8 tank.
Propane tanks may be returned empty.


Transfers between airport/airport hotels in all rental locations (except Montreal)

are complimentary - free of charge.
Transfers between Montreal rental location and Montreal airport/airport hotels cost $90 /each direction.

Passengers using the transfer service are allowed 1 suitcase and 1 hand luggage item per Guest.
Unfortunately, due to space restrictions in our transfer vehicles, we are unable to guarantee the transfer of bikes, large sports equipment or excessive luggage.
Please advise your transfer requirements and we will advise if this is possible.


Luggage Storage

Luggage storage is possible in all location depending on available space.
Not possible with One-Way rentals.


Return Day

Since the clients need time for vehicle return and transfer to the airport, no morning or early afternoon flights should be scheduled.


Late Return / Early Return

Late charges for drop-offs after 10 AM will be $150 per hour

There are no refunds for early returns. 


Driver Requirements

Minimum age is 21.  

Only drivers listed on contract are allowed to drive

Additional Driver Fee: $ 5.00 per night for each additional driver.

Driving in U.S.: $10.00 per night for each vehicle entering the US.

The renter MUST inform the rental company if he intend to enter U.S. otherwise

the insurance coverage will be void and the client will be fully responsible for all

costs in case incident occurs in the U.S.


Driving License

All drivers must possess a driver's license valid for the entire rental period.

If the driver's license from your own country is in English, you do not need an

international license. If your license is in a language other than English, we

strongly recommend you bring an International License, together with the license

from your own country. 

For translation purposes, an International Driver's License will ensure ease of use

in Canada and the United States. Please note that an International License is not

valid on its own for driving in Canada and the USA. The International License

must also be accompanied by a valid driver's license issued in your own country.


Fuel (Petrol) & Gas (Propane) Information

Vehicles are supplied with a minimum quarter tank () of fuel.

If client returns with less fuel than on departure, he/she will be charged for that amount of fuel. There is no refund if client returns with more fuel than on departure.
The rental company makes no representation as to fuel consumption.

As numerous conditions affect gas mileage (wind, hills, speed, driving habits, etc.), fuel consumption will vary according to the conditions. As a rough "rule of thumb", you could budget about 25 liters/100 kilometers

All vehicles are insured with $5-million public liability and property damage.
A deposit of $750 to $1500 is required on a major credit card for the collision and comprehensive Insurance deductibles as outlined below. The deposit is refundable upon the return of the vehicle in the same condition as it was received and not involved in any incident claims.
Any guest that is involved in an incident will have their deposit held (to the maximum charge listed below) for a minimum of 60 days until the incident claim is closed. Claims that are less than the deposit amount will have the difference refunded to the Guest upon closing of the incident claim.
The guest is responsible for the maximum charge detailed below where expenses include, but are not limited to: towing, storage fees, damage to the rental company Including vehicle, damage to third party property, injury claims, insurance adjuster fees, legal fees.
In addition, a $100 administration fee will apply to every accident. 
The insurance does not cover liability for loss of personal property, nor does it cover costs for accommodation, transportation or replacement of vehicle if the vehicle is stolen or should an incident occur that makes the rented vehicle inoperable. In these situations and, depending on availability, a new, signed, rental agreement must be in place before a replacement vehicle is provided. Incidents must be reported within 24 hours and be accompanied by a written accident report and police report or file number.

The guest is responsible for the following maximum charges per accident:
* Two-vehicle accident on a signed and numbered road, fire, theft or vandalism (with police and accident report): $750.00 ($1,500.00 for drivers 21-24 yrs old) 
* Windshield / glass: $500.00
* Off Road (e.g. campsites, parking lots, driveways. gas stations etc.: $1,500.00 for all drivers
* Single Vehicle Incident (Any damage caused by contact with any stationary object (eg: parked vehicle, walls, trees, bridges, etc) anywhere (0n or off-road, private or public property): $1,500.00 for all drivers
* Vehicle Damage - cause unknown (including hit and run by unknown third party): $1,500.00 for all drivers
* Acts of Nature (Natural disasters including, but not limited to, hail, floods, lightning): $1,500.00 for all drivers
* Interior damage (not caused by two-vehicle accident on a numbered road): $750.00 ($1,250.00 for drivers 21-24 yrs old)
* Collision with animals: $750.00 ($1,250.00 for drivers 21-24 yrs old)
* Tire damage (does not include tow charges): $1,000 per tire for all drivers
* Driving in the United States without prior permission: All costs
* Undercarriage damage (not caused by two vehicle accident on a numbered road):  All costs
* Wrong Fuel: 8500$ will be charged at drop off. The difference in actual costs will be charged or refunded as applicable: All costs  
* No written accident report & police file number (or station notification within 24 hours of accident): All costs
* Committing Hit and Run: All costs 
* Underground parking and drive through damage: All costs 
* Incidents while driving in unauthorized areas or in the USA without prior authorization: All costs
* Incidents caused while the vehicle is driven by an impaired or unauthorized driver: All costs
* Damages incurred during an illegal act(s) and/or willful damage: All costs

Please note the following conditions:
Unauthorized Areas
Unauthorized Areas include northern surcharge areas, the USA, and any restricted geographic areas which CanaDream Inc. may determine at any time. Without prior permission to drive the vehicle in these areas, there is no insurance coverage; the guest is responsible for all damages, related expenses and costs; the guest is subject to a $900 penalty.
CanaDream reserves the right to restrict access to specific geographic areas at any time. These restrictions may be applied at the time of pick up. The guest assumes all responsibility for any expense or loss of time while travelling in restricted geographic areas.

Customers who travel to restricted areas without permission will be subject

to a $900 penalty and will void all insurance coverage. The rental company reserves the right to restrict driving access at anytime. These restrictions may be applied at the time of pick up.

Prohibited Travel Areas

Travel in the following areas is strictly prohibited at all times:

*Logging and non-public roads.

*Any and all unnumbered roads and highways.

*Denali Highway in Alaska

*North Canol Highway in the Yukon

*Dalton Highway (north of Livingood)

*Eagle, Alaska (Hwy 5 north) from the junction of Hwy 9 (Top of the World Highway) and Hwy 5 west

*McCarthy Road between Chitina and McCarthy, Alaska

*Highway 500 (Trans Labrador Highway) from Goose Bay to Labrador City

*Highway 389 from Labrador City to Baie Comeau

*Highway 510 from Red Bay to Happy Valley-Goose Bay

*Highway 167 north of La Dore

*Highway 109 and Baie James Road, Quebec

*Vehicles are not permitted to enter Mexico at any time.

*Manhattan: due to restrictions on RV heights, propane gas and parking, RV with propane are not permitted in Manhattan and are not permitted to travel through any underground or underwater tunnels.


Travel Restricted Areas

*Travel to Death Valley is limited to the low season (1 October through 30 April) due to extremely high temperatures which can cause system failures.

*Travel on the Dempster Highway in the Yukon is not permitted between 15 September and 14 May due to road conditions. We are happy for our Guests to travel on this road between 15 May and 14 September.

Guests assume all responsibility for any expense or loss of time while traveling in restricted areas.

Urban restrictions
Parking of your vehicle is prohibited in the greater metropolitan areas of Montreal and Ottawa. This includes all pay parking lots, hotel parking lots, side streets, malls, etc. To travel into these areas, park your vehicle at a campsite and use public transportation, taxi, etc. In the event of a theft that occurs in the Montreal or Ottawa metropolitan area, the Guest is responsible for $7,500.

Northern Surcharge

There is a surcharge of $625  for all RV vacations starting from Vancouver,

Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal or Halifax with permission to travel on/in:

* Alaska Highway north of Fort St. John, British Columbia

* Cassiar Highway (#37) north of Kitwanga, British Columbia

* Highway 35 north of Peace River, Alberta

* Quebec & Labrador north and east of Sept-Iles

* Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut, Newfoundland

Permission is automatically granted to travel in above areas with pick-ups in Whitehorse with the exception of the 'No-Go' areas of the Dalton Highway (#11 north of Livengood), the Denali Highway in Alaska and the North Canol Highway in the Yukon. Vehicles for northern travel must be expressly requested and confirmed at the time of reservation. Guests who travel to these areas without permission will be subject to a $900.00 penalty and will void all insurance coverage. CanaDream reserves the right to restrict driving access at any time. These restrictions may be applied at the time of pick-up.

Driving in U.S.

For those vehicle entering the US (including Alaska) an extra 10CAD$ per night

must be  paid. In the event the rental company is not made aware of travel in

the US and incident occurs- the client will be void insurance coverage and be

fully responsible for all costs.

Burning Man Surcharge
There is a surcharge of $1,000 for all RV vacations starting from any of our locations with permission to travel to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, USA.
Vehicles for Burning Man must be expressly requested and confirmed at time of reservation. Guests who travel to Burning Man without permission will be subject

to a $1,500 penalty and will void all insurance coverage.


Breakdown / Repairs / Maintenance and responsibility

All vehicles is in top mechanical condition. In the unlikely event that a mechanical failure occurs, clients are authorized to proceed with the necessary repairs up to 100 CAD$.

For expenses over 100CAD$, clients must telephone the rental station for authorization before proceeding with repairs.

Replacement parts must be returned to the rental station for reimbursement.

Clients assume full responsibility for damage to tires.

Oil, tire pressure and coolant must be checked at each refueling.

Costs for oil will be refunded upon presentation of receipts.

Unless clients have purchased VIP, they assume full responsibility for any additional expenses created by the mechanical breakdown of the vehicle.

The company's responsibility is limited to the refund of the daily gross rate, or portion thereof, if the breakdown repair is longer than 24 hours.



Accidents must be reported immediately and be accompanied by a written accident report and police file number.


Additional items only offered at Pick up

Peace of Mind - $3 per night
This includes lock out service, lost key replacement, emergency towing (first 50km), jump start, flat tire change using spare (tire cost excl), fuel delivery service (up to 20L of fuel, fuel additional cost).

Valet Service - 97$

This include exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, last dishes, last empty of holding tanks.

Glass Coverage - 3$ per night

Limit to 1 windscreen per trip or up to 3 chips stone repairs.

Gold Package - 100$

Include 'Peace of Mind', 'Glass Coverage'. Toilet chemicals

Platinum Package - 150$

Include Valet service', 'Peace of Mind', 'Glass Coverage'. Toilet chemicals



If, for any reason beyond the company's control, the reserved vehicle is not available, the rental company reserves the right to substitute a vehicle of equivalent value or offer a higher rated vehicle at no additional cost.

Should a lower rated vehicle be substituted, the company's only responsibility is to refund the difference between the two vehicles. Although this is infrequent, accidents or mechanical repairs may force substitutions.
Replacement vehicles are not provided in the event of either a stolen vehicle or a "guest-at-fault" incident that leaves the vehicle inoperable. In these situations and depending on availability, a new, signed, rental agreement must be in place before a replacement vehicle is provided .


Parking/Traffic Violations

The rental company will process the traffic ticket fee plus a 35CAD$ administration fee on the client's credit card.

A statement will be send to the client's home address.


Before boarding the ferry, you must comply with all regulations for the ferry you are travelling on. Please be aware that many ferries within Canada may refuse to carry motorhomes with a propane tank capacity of more than 65 litres. This is particularly true in the province of Quebec. The propane tanks on our motorhomes comply with the ferry regulations however CanaDream cannot be held responsible for any refusal by the ferry company to carry your RV.


Winter Warning

Vehicle operating systems are not fully operable during subfreezing temperatures.

Be aware that in Canada and northern US cities vehicles are likely to have anti-freeze in holding tanks meaning that vehicle water facilities will not be available for use.

Snow Chains are available with no extra charge in Vancouver or Calgary for winter rentals (December to April).



Sorry, pets are not allowed.



Smoking is not allowed inside the vehicles. A $500 defuming and sanitizing charge will be applied if cigarette smoke is detected upon drop-off.


All vehicles are not equipped with a hitch as towing is not allowed. There will be NO insurance coverage incase of  towing.
Also transportation of canoes or other objects on the roofs of the vehicles is not allowed. There is no coverage for any type of accident as a result of transporting an object on the roof of the vehicle.

Original Rental Terms which client need to sign at pick up
Insurance Coverage which client need to sign at pick up

All reservations are confirmed according to vehicle category and not according to vehicle model. Illustrations and text in our website are a representation only of the vehicle depicted. Variances in the vehicles offered for rental may occur due to substitutions made by the rental company or modifications and/or upgrades to the vehicle design made by the manufacturer.

Motorhome International is independent, not an agent for any particular car/motor-home rental company. Motorhome International arrange the rental between the client and the rental company. when you pick up the vehicle, you must sign a rental contract provided by the rental company and subject to local laws. 

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