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              CANADA Motorhome Rental 2020-21
                                             Valid for all CAD3 models 

Valid for travel 1 January 2020 till 31st December 2021
Rates are in Canadian Dollars (CAD$) 

Pick Up and Drop Off Locations in CANADA
West Canada: Calgary, Vancouver, Whitehorse, Edmonton
East / Central: Canada: Toronto, Halifax

Daily rate Includes:
O km per day
Standard transfers included from Airport area and downtown hotels except downtown Toronto
Full tank of fuel (must return full) and initial propane fill
Maps and brochures provided at vehicle pick up subject to availability
Roadside Assistance
Basic public liability coverage which includes premiums for collision insurance and comprehensive insurance with a deductible of CA$7500 per event

Preparation Fee - 95 CAD$

This mandatory one-time fee is charged per vehicle/rental and includes the following:

Initial propane fill

Toilet chemicals

2 rolls of biodegradable toilet paper

Fresh water & sewer hoses

Rubber gloves

Basic tool set

Spare 15 Amp fuses

The company offers free transfers to/from international airports, selected hotels in
the vicinity of the airports, as well as selected hotels downtown (except in Toronto).
Vancouver offers also transfers from Ferry - Canada Place Cruise terminal only.
No transfers from Ballantyne Pier.
Note: No transfers provided after 1:00 p.m.

Tax - Must be pre paid
All rental charges are subject to sales tax by law determined by departing city
Tax must be pre paid for rental days and pre-paid items.
Calgary 5%
Edmonton 5%
Vancouver 12%
Toronto 13%
Halifax 15%
The local tax is subject to change without notice

KM packs - pre paid

Basic prices do not include km

500 KM pack = 182 CAD$
1000 KM pack = 356 CAD$

Unlimited KM pack = 98 CAD$ / per day

The extra km rate = 0.42 CAD$ / per km


One Way Rentals  Fee - Must be pre ordered

Vancouver to Calgary - 670 CAD$
Vancouver to Edmonton- 670 CAD$
Calgary to Vancouver -1050 CAD$
Edmonton to Vancouver -1050 CAD$
Toronto to Halifax - 1200 CAD$
Halifax to Toronto - 12000 CAD$
Please note no other one-ways are available

Silver All Inclusive Package (prepaid only+tax) 63 CAD$ per day
In addition to the rental daily price
Includes: Preparation fee, Convenience kits, CDR Insurance.
No KM included
(7 night minimum)

Gold All Inclusive Package (prepaid only+tax) =  157 CAD$ per day
In addition to the rental daily price

Includes: Unlimited Kilometres, Preparation fee, Convenience kits, CDR Insurance
(7 night minimum) 

Extra Insurance Options

CDR (Collision Damage Reducer) = 27 $CAD per day. Reduces the renterís responsibility for collision damages from CA$7,500 to CA$750 per occurrence

CDW (Collision Damage Reducer Plus) = EXTRA 14 $CAD per day - available only in combination with CDR insurance when CDR was purchased (total of 41 $CAD per day).  The CDW Reduces the renterís responsibility for damages covered by CDR Insurance from CAD$750 to zero.

Convenience Kit - 95 CAD$ / per person 
These vehicle and personal kits are available per person, per rental and include:
Pots, pans, kettle, coffee filter, thermos and teapot,
Dinner set, cutlery set and steak knives and one extra dinner set (guest),
Coffee cups/glasses and assorted kitchen utensils,
Clothes hangers/clothes pegs and matches/ashtray (on request),
Can opener/cork screw and mixing bowls,
Cutting board,  strainer, and toaster (on request) 
Bucket/broom and dust pan,
Towels and body soap,
Bed sheet, pillow and pillow case,
Duvet and cover,
Basic tool set and flashlight,
Axe, Food savers and Lawn chair,
Instruction manual, Campground directories,
Salt & Pepper

NOTE: Convenience kits for children age 12 and under are free; valid only if convenience kits for all accompanying adults are paid in full.

Extra Optional Items (local payment only + tax)
All Local Payment Options must be booked in advance and are subject to availability
* GPS Navigation = 5 CAD$ / night (maximum charge of 50 CAD$ / rental)
* Electric Heater = 15 CAD$ / rental
* Bikes = 7 CAD$/ night (maximum charge of 30 days) , each bikes

* Bike Rack = 70 CAD$/ rental (Can not be installed with TC, TC-S, TC-B, VC or Overlander)
Note: Bikes and bike racks must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. All bikes are one size. No child bike seasts or children bikes available.
* Child Seat / Baby Seat 80 CAD$ /rental .On Request only
* Booster Seat 30 CAD$ / rental. On Request only

WiFi = 11 CAD$/ day includes 50MB data / per rental night. 

Available at Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Halifax
Not available for one-way rentals to Whitehorse

Mountable in all vehicle models (subject to hardware availability)

No limit to number of connected devices

No software installation is required

Charges for additional data: 1GB=20 CAD$, 2GB=30 CAD$, 5GB=60 CAD$ - this is payable online by credit card (will not be charged automatically or without clientís authorization)

Please note that the WiFi not supported in the United States.


All Van Conversion, C-Medium, C-Large, X-Large, Class A vehicles have a built-in generator.

No generator in C-Small and all Truck Campers vehicles.

Safety Seats
No child restrains are permitted in Van Conversion and C-Small motorhomes.
No baby/child and booster seats can be installed in the front passenger seats.
The staff at the rental location are not legally permitted to fit Baby/Child and Booster seats or to advise on how they should be fitted.
Safety seats are On Request only and subject to availability.

Child seat guidelines:


Infant Seat

Child Seat

Booster Seat

Booster Seat







up to 9 kg

9-30 kg

under18 kg

over 18 kg

Facing direction

Rear Facing

*Rear if under 9 kg
*Rear or Front, if over 9 kg
*Front if over 18 kg

Front facing child seat

Booster seat

Please note that this document serves as a guideline only. There can be variations as the vehicle categories consist of numerous different vehicle models. No specific vehicle model can be confirmed in advance or guaranteed at any time.
* Children aged 4-9 years can be seated in either a child seat or a booster seat. If over 30 Kg must be in a booster seat.
* Children within weight range 9 Kg to 18 Kg should be kept rear-facing as long as possible.
* No Booster Seat required for children Age 9 - 12 years / taller than 145cm
Source BCAA road-safety/child passenger safety.
These are general guidelines only and are subject to change.

Security Deposit
A damage deposit equal to the amount of the insurance deductible ($7500 or $750) is required at the time of departure, authorising the amount on a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express). The credit card will blocked for up to 30 days with the deposit amount.
In the event of an accident the company will retain the security deposit until the motor vehicle insurance company determines liability for the accident. If the motor vehicle insurance company notifies the company that the renter is not at fault, the company agrees to reimburse the security deposit immediately after receiving notification from the motor vehicle insurance company.

General Note
All reservations are confirmed according to vehicle category and not according to vehicle model. Interior design, measurements and floor plans may differ within any vehicle category.
Illustrations and text in our website are a representation only of the vehicle depicted. Variances in the vehicles offered for rental may occur due to substitutions made by the rental company or modifications and/or upgrades to the vehicle design made by the manufacturer.

Please read The Terms & Conditions




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