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Norway 2021 - Terms & Conditions

Rental Duration

Each calendar day is considered as a rental day.

Both Pick up day and drop off day are calculated into rental days.

Pick up hours are between 08:00 AM and 18:00 PM.

Additional 1950 NOK (1800 NOK in Lofoten) if pick-up/drop off is between 18:00 PM - 08:00 AM


Reservations and Payments

All reservations are confirmed according to vehicle category and not according to

vehicle model.

Rental days, service fee, one way fess - must be pre-paid.

A down payment of 3000 NOK is due immediately after confirmation with

client's credit card Visa or MasterCard.

The rest of the payments are due and payable 45 days prior to pick up day

by an international credit card Visa or MasterCard ir via bank transfer.

All prepaid charges are made in EUROS.

Exchange rates according :

If the payment is late, the rental company reserve the right to charge 13% annual

percent rate, late fee of the total amount of the original invoice.

All payments, which will not be paid upon pick up, will be charged by the clients

credit card.


Changing reservation

The client will be charged 500 NOK for every change he does in an existing

booking, including adding additional items. This refers only to MINOR changes like

adding items, or changing the pick up/drop off date in 1-2 days.

Major changes like: changing dates, changing model, changing location, changing

client's name would be considered as cancellation of the booking and will cause

cancellation fees.

All changes in confirmed booking are subject to cancellation policy for example

shortening a confirmed booking. 

Rebooking are only possible in the same calendar year.


Credit Cards

The rental company accept Only Visa or MasterCard for the deposit and extra items. Cash, Debit Cards, AMEX Cards or Rechargeable Cards are NOT accepted !


Cancellations Fee

Up to 45 days prior to pick up day - 10% of the total rental cost (minimum 3000 NOK)

44-31 days prior to pick up day- 25% of the total rental cost

30-17 days prior to pick up day- 50% of the total rental cost
16-0 days prior to pick up day / Non show- 100% of the total rental cost
Cancellation fee will be percentage of the total amount including base charge, rental days, one-way fee, extra items etc.
In any case of cancellation, a handling fee of
500 NOK will be charged, in addition to the cancellation fee.

A cancellation of a booking MUST be made by the client in writing by e-mail or by fax and received at our office during operation hours.

Security Deposit

A security deposit is required upon pick up to ensure that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as delivered.

The level of the deposit will be reduced according to the level of the insurance plan which was taken.
With the basic TC insurance, the deposit is
28000 NOK

With the TC Plus Insurance, the deposit is
14000 NOK

With the TC Premium Insurance, the deposit is 7000 NOK
* No camper will be given out without a credit card imprint. 
* Deposit is made with a credit card imprint (Only Visa, MasterCard), which will be taken at pick-up.
* Clients who wish to book "one-way" package between one-way rental stations have to sign one deductible at the pick up location. The deductible will refunded if there are no new damages on the vehicle.

Pick-Up and Drop Off

Pick Up and Drop Off are possible 7 days a week 08:00 AM -18:00 PM.
1950 NOK (1800 NOK in Lofoten) if pick-up/drop off is between 18:00 PM - 08:00 AM.

Pick up and Drop off exact times, must be informed by the client upon reservation.

Client must inform flights details to arrange airport transfer. The rental company will take no liability to check if the arrival/departure flight is using our default airports. This responsibility stays with the client.

NOTE - If the client doesn't inform the service times at all - the booking will be confirmed as pick up at 10:00AM at the rental station and drop off at 10:00AM at the rental station.

There will be no refund for early return or late departure.

There will be no refunds incase of late pick up or early return.


Drop Off Regulation

Cleaning - The Vehicle must be returned on time, clean inside, with an empty waste water tank and toilet cassette. Otherwise there will be charge of 3400 NOK (2900 NOK in Lofoten) + 800 NOK (900 NOK in Lofoten) for each cleaning hour for cleaning costs

Refueling - The vehicle must be returned with a full tank of diesel otherwise, a refueling charge of 300 NOK + 20 NOK per liter.

Fuel Purchase Option - Allows client to return vehicle without refueling diesel tank. Total cost is based on self-service diesel price in the area. Price will be given at station.

Gas Bottles - Both bottles are full upon pick-up and we charge 900 NOK.



Late Return

If the vehicle is late on return, the client will be charged 500 NOK per hour and also for all other losses caused by the delay.

The client has to give a minimum 24 hours notice of being late or the surcharge will be issued. Any client's request for late drop off has to be approved by the company anyway.

Early Return
There will be NO REFUND for early drop off or unused rental days or rental items.


* Before signing the contract please check the vehicle from the inside and outside

and make sure there are no damages or broken parts. If there is some damage,

have it noted to the rental agent in writing.

* Make sure you have all the items you paid for, and that nothing is missing.

Before the departure make sure you know how to operate all the motorhome

systems, mechanicals and electrical: refrigerator, heating, air condition, water etc. If

it's not clear, you may ask for explanations.

* Please ask for a map or directions to nearby campground and supermarkets for

you to stock up on food and bottled water.

Vehicle Check up

The Motorhomes are inspected regularly, and numerous times between the rentals by trained mechanics and the company staff. Technical condition together with thorough damage check on the Motorhomes is performed through standardized process after each rental.

Detailed damage examples and price lists are available at pick up. The price list has been compiles on a maximum price per damage basis. In addition, we provide guidance for clients on how to check a motorhome at pick up to assure the clients on the condition of the motorhome.

The condition of the motorhome is presented for each client during pick up and the client is allowed to inspect the motorhome as thoroughly as required. For clients who for any reason feel insecure about the condition of the motorhome, are encouraged by the company to take pictures of the motorhome on the rental station yard to reassure on the condition of the motorhome.

Authorized Driver  / Driving License

* The minimum age of renter and driver is 25 with 2 years minimum driving experience.

Driver must have held a valid driving license for driving passengers cars for at least one year, and present an acceptable credit card.
* Primary driver will be added to the Rental Agreement sales office. The office will add the name, which was given upon reservation, to the Rental Agreement. This individual must hold a valid driver's license, be over 25 years of age, present an acceptable credit card, have held the driver's license for driving passenger cars for at least two years.
* Individuals not automatically covered on the Rental Agreement, as Authorized Operators, need to be approved by the rental company staff before adding them on the agreement.
* Renter and each additional authorized operator must be present to sign Rental Agreement, present  an acceptable credit card, show valid driver's license, and must be a  minimum of 25 years of age, he or she must have also held the driver's license for driving passenger  cars for at least two years. Additional authorized operator can be added without credit card number  if the Primary Driver takes the responsibility for the accidents and damages up to the deductible.


Extra Drivers Fees

Every additional driver will be charged 500 NOK


Liability and Insurance

The insurance system is divided into 2 categories in Norway:

* Compulsory insurance, which covers damages to other party in a case of an accident caused by negligent party.
* Collision insurance, which covers damages to the vehicle of negligent party.

The collision insurance covers damages to rented vehicle in a case of an accident, fire or theft. The insurance is not valid if the vehicle is being used under influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Also, insurance is not valid if the damages are caused because of careless behavior by the renter or his party. All exterior damages, regardless if they have been caused in a third party accident or not, are subject to deductible. For an example, windscreen is subject to deductible rules if a stone brakes it. Interior damages are not part of collision insurance, so full retail value will be charged for each damaged part.

Both insurances free of charge to all renters.
TC Basic insurance package's collision insurance has
28000 NOK deductible, which means that the renter is responsible for paying up to 28000 NOK if he or she causes a damage or an accident to the vehicle.

The collision insurance will pay the excess of 28000 NOK. It is very important to notice that the deductible is per damage or accident and not per rental period. The insurance does not cover tire and windshield damage.


There are 2 options for reducing deductible amount: (minimum 7 days rental):



Extra 120 NOK per day (125 NOK in Lofoten)       
will reduce the deductible amount to 14000 NOK
per event

The insurance does not cover tire and windshield damage.



Extra 215 NOK per day (225 NOK in Lofoten) 
will reduce the deductible amount to 7000 NOK
per event
The insurance does not cover tyre and windshield damage.


700 NOK per day (725 NOK in Lofoten) 10 days minimum
including one external damage free of charge. In case several damages, following damages 7000 NOK
/per damage. The minimum charge is according to 10 days.
This Insurance is only available for payment at the rental station, and can nor pre-booked.


Extra protection agains windshield or tyre breakage

100 NOK per day (115 NOK in Lofoten) 

with this insurance 0 NOK deductible for one windshield or tire damage. For the second or more damages according to normal repair costs.


NOTE- The retention reduction/elimination fee does not cover damages due to the following or similar reasons:
* Excessive loading, displacement or detachment of the load
* Upholstery damages caused by tobacco smoking or gashing
* Driving with empty tires

* Damages caused to the windshield such as hits of a rock, which have caused a crack or a hole
* Snow damages if indicated by signs (dropping of snow from roofs)
* Driving in too narrow premises considering the dimensions of the car
* Driving of road or in areas not intended for car driving
* Usage of the car for illegal purposes, towing, competitions or training for these, educational driving, and driving on ice outside officially marked ice roads is prohibited.

* Incase the vehicle was driven by a non authorized driver
* Damage caused by an act of negligence, caused during usage of the car under influence of alcohol or other narcotic agents, for criminal purposes, or caused due to the renter not complying with the conditions in this agreement.


Traveling to other countries- Importnat Information:

Client is obligated to ask for permission from the rental station when travelling outside the country where the rental station is located.

Outside the rental agreement opening country occurred accidents may incur a higher deductible claim from the client.

Rental stations hold the right to limit the lowest deductible to TC Plus in case of the motorhome is taken abroad.

If client is planning to visit several countries is important to contact the rental station in advance and double check the requirement for a green card (additional insurance document).

The Rental company obtains a green card document, insurance document, if a client wishes to enter agreed countries but additional insurance document is required.

Travelling within the Nordic countries does not require any special attention concerning approval nor green card when a rental vehicle has been collected from one of these countries.

Travelling to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine is not allowed.

Travelling to Eastern Europe is allowed for rental vehicles from Tallin and Riga offices and with a special permission from other rental stations. Special insurance requirements may apply to traveling in Eastern European countries.


Fuel (Diesel)

Diesel is not included in the rental price. However the vehicle is delivered with full tank of diesel, and it has to be returned full.

The vehicle must be returned with a full tank of diesel otherwise, a refueling charge of 300 NOK + 20 NOK per liter will be applied.


Refueling Service

Full Purchase Option is available at the time of rental and allows clients to return vehicle without refueling diesel tank. price is given upon pick up.



Gas (Propane) is not included in the rental price.

The vehicle is delivered with 2 full gas bottles.

Each used bottle will be charged of 900 NOK


Maintenance Responsibility
client is responsible for taking care of normal car maintenance, such as checking engine oil quantity, the radiator and battery fluids, coolant levels and tire pressure at each refueling.

Instructions and procedures for maintenance expense reimbursement are

provided upon pick up.

Client may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence

in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance.

The client is responsible for the car and its equipment during the rental period.

The client is liable for damages caused by usage of incorrect quality fuel During

the rental period.


Roadside Help
* 24 hour telephone assistance is free of charge during your holiday.
* Key replacement
- Lost keys? No worries, the company will send replacement keys or a locksmith. This service cost to the clients, depending on how far away you are from keys shop and which kind of key was lost.

* Flat tire - Rental motorhome are not commonly equipped with spare tire, but with a 12V compressor kit. Flat tire can be inflated with the compressor and drive the vehicle to closest repair garage. If a puncture is severe then vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage. This is free of charge service if client has purchased windshield and tire protection package.

* Towing - If the vehicle is rendered inoperable (unrelated to an accident) towing charges will be covered at no additional charge , only if this is due to the mechanics of the vehicle and not related to the driver or accidents.
* Jump start - A battery boost will be provided in an attempt to start the vehicle. Free of charge in case there is breakage in the mechanics, in case the client has caused the battery to run out by example leaving lights on this will not be free of charge.
* Lockout help - If the keys are locked inside the vehicle, service will be sent to gain entrance. There will be a charge based on what service has to be done.
* Fuel delivery - A limited supply of gasoline will be delivered to the vehicle to enable you to reach the nearest open service station. Up to 15 liters. Available at all locations in the Scandinavia. Local service charges / fees will apply.

* Vehicle replacement (additional fees may apply) - In case of severe technical malfunction of the vehicle, through no fault of the customer, the company will replace the vehicle for the client with the best possible available alternative vehicle. Vehicle replacement service is subject to availability at all times, and the need for the replacement is assessed and decided by the company Roadside Assistance.


Breakdown and Repairs

The customer is responsible for checking engine oil, fluids, and coolant levels at each refueling, as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately. Instructions and procedures for maintenance expense reimbursement are provided at rental. Customers may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance. In the event the vehicle is in breakdown repair for 24 hours or more, through no fault of the customer, our responsibility to customer is limited to refund of daily rate or portion thereof. Client is required to travel with their rental vehicle to the closest repair location stated by the rental company
Daily refund will be issued for only the days that a vehicle is at breakdown due to the no fault of a client. Moreover, we will not issued refunds for the whole rental period. Diesel reimbursements will be granted only on Severe cases for 12 euro for every 100km. (such as water pump malfunction, Air heater malfunction, start engine malfunction, Worn out tires, Battery recharge malfunction, Refrigerator malfunction).


Incase of Accident / Theft
In any case of an accident, damage or theft, the client must inform immediately the rental station.
Incase of an accident, the client must inform the police immediately and submit a police damage report, written on the accident form available in the car.
Substitute Vehicle / Upgrade / Downgrade

In case the reserved vehicle cannot be made available at the rental station, the rental company reserves the right to supply a similar or higher class vehicle for the advertised price without notification and without additional cost to the client.

If clients want to upgrade their vehicle, they must pay the difference between original model and new model (in retail price).

Downgrades are also possible, but based on 100% cancellation policy upon pick-up. No refunds.

Force Majeure

If due to a severe accident of a previous rental client, the rental company is unable to provide a confirmed service, the company will limit it's liability to refund of booked service based on invoiced fees.
The rental company shall inform the client in timely manor if such situation occurs. Moreover, strike, internet / technical information system malfunction, fire, theft, water damage, sabotage, and vandalism are valid reasons to cancel or modify any confirmed booking within the limits of force majeure clause.


Handing Over the car for the use of the renter

The rental company shall hand over the car to the renter in working order and in compliance with the applicable laws at the agreed place and time.

In some situations, the reserved vehicle might need to be changed to a different camper category or model. The company reserves the right to change any specifications stated and/or supply similar or higher class camper without any notification. The rented car has been inspected by the rental company or its partner before it is handed over to the renter. However, the renter is also obligated to inspect the car in connection with the report of the car to establish any potential damage or defects already existing in the car. Potential damage or defects shall be immediately notified to the rental company and marked to the damage report before leaving the rental station. Insurance information and deductibles are presented to the renter and the renter either accepts or decline additional deductible reduction optional.


Ferry reservations
Ferry reservations can be difficult to manage during high season. It is recommend that clients make a reservation for a Large motorhome. vehicle on the ferry, irrespective as to the size of the motorhome reserved, to avoid problems due to possible upgrades.

Toll roads Norway

Toll roads are NOT included in the daily rates, but added as a mandatory extra.  

Parking Fines
The rental company will automatically charge clients credit card for all parking fines which clients have received during their holiday with office fee. If a client does not comply with the agreed returning time, the rental company reserves the right to charge 500 NOK per hour for each hour that a client is late. The Client has to give a minimum 24-hour notice of being late or the surcharge will be issued. However, it is essential to confirm any changes in the scheduled service times with the rental company. In addition to above mentioned fee, the rental company may charge monetary losses from the client, if the client returns the vehicle later than scheduled and if this delays the next rental of the rental vehicle.



Smoking is prohibited in the vehicle. The penalty fee is 7000 NOK.



Pets are prohibited in the vehicle. The penalty fee is 3500 NOK.


Safety Rules

In every refueling and every time before you start out on a journey, please switch the gas-fuelled equipment off.

Safety Seats
Every child under 135cm height must be seated in a safety seat.
Baby seats can be attached to the middle dinette part seating group by using the three-point seatbelts available.
Children can not be seated in the front seats of the vehicle.
The client is always responsible for attaching and using the baby seat/s.

Winter conditions

winter tires are mandatory in Scandinavia during 01.12 - 28.2 and during this period all our rental vehicles have winter tires.
To avoid frost damages to the car client will be responsible to make sure that the rental vehicle is heated properly at all times.
Especially water system is sensitive to damages during extreme cold temperatures. As client takes full responsibility for water system damages in general, water system is not usable during winter months. Additional information on driving in winter conditions is given at the pick-up.
All vehicles are fitted with winter tires on request.

Motorhoming during winter

* Always, when you are not driving, cover the windshield and driving cabin side windows with the insulation cover included in your vehicle. This improves thermal insulation and prevents the loss of heat from living area through the driving cabin.
Close the curtains of the sunroofs to prevent heat loss through them.
Side windows have double structure with air in between them working as insulation, so covering them is not necessary.
* Use engine block heater always for at least 1 hour before starting the engine during cold weather. The connector for block heater cable is located at front bumper and the cable can be found inside the vehicle.
* When the car is being heated, the engine of the warm air blower uses a lot of electricity. Ensure that there is enough electric power and keep the car connected to electricity grid with included electric cable always when it is possible.

Fresh water system

If the water tank of the car has been filled, it is imperative to ensure that heating of the car is turned on all the time to prevent freezing of the water system. Remember to keep the car heated even if you are not staying in it overnight. Keep the car connected to electricity grid with included electric cable to ensure that the battery power does not run out during the night. Check also that gas bottle has enough gas left in it for continuous heating. Rental client is responsible of keeping the car
If the water system freezes, it will damage the water pump and crack facets as well as connections of the water pipes. Total damages will easily exceed 1000 Euros. Insurance does NOT cover damages that happen due to freezing.
In case the car cannot be heated, the water system must be emptied correctly: water tank and water boiler must be emptied, the fuse of the water pump must be disconnected, all the facets must be left open in a middle position (between cold and warm), the emptying valves of the piping must be opened and the shower hose must be left on the floor. Leave everything open in these positions.

Grey water system

Grey water tank is located outside of the vehicle, which means it is not in a heated space. Therefore in winter time the emptying valve of the grey water tank must be kept open all the time, so that water flows straight out of the tank instead of freezing in it and damaging the tank and valve.

Toilet cassette

The emptying cassette is located in a heated space and does not freeze as far as the car is being heated. Remember to empty the cassette before leaving the car unheated.


Illustrations and text in our website are a representation only of the vehicle depicted. Variances in the vehicles offered for rental may occur due to substitutions made by the rental company or modifications and/or upgrades to the vehicle design made by the manufacturer.

Motorhome types, specifications and layouts shown are for illustrative purposes only.
The actual vehicle may vary from pictures and illustrations.
Prices, policies and conditions are subject to change without notice at any time.


Motorhome International is independent, not an agent for any particular car/motor-home rental company. Motorhome International arrange the rental between the client and the rental company. when you pick up the vehicle, you must sign a rental contract provided by the rental company and subject to local laws. 

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