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Motorhome Rental in Spain and Croatia 2021
Models: Van, Small, Medium, Family, Large

All prices are per day in Euro

Book now for 2021:
GPS Navigation  + Free tire wedges + Free airport transfers
Personally scheduled Pick-up & Drop Off time between 8AM and 6PM



Rental Depots In Spain

Malaga station is 36 km from the city. Open all year round.

Barcelona station is 21 km from the city and 26 km from airport. Open all year round.

Madrid station is 30 km from the city and 15 km from airport. Open all year round.

Rental Depots In Croatia

Zagreb station is 11 km from the city and 30 km from airport. Open all year round.

Dubrovnik - drop off only

Rijeka - drop off only   

Split - drop off only

Zadar - drop off only

Rental Duration

Each calendar day is considered as a rental day.

Both Pick up day and drop off day are calculated into rental days.
Regular pick up and drop off hours are 8 AM to 6 PM.


Late Night Pick up / Drop Off Surcharge

Pick-up and/or Drop Off after hours are between 06:00 PM (18:00 hour) to 08:00 AM
Additional 100 Euro in Zagreb and 199 Euro in Spain.

Long Term Rental Discounts:

15-29 days: 2% discount

30-44 days: 11% discount

45 days or more: 20% discount

Discount is calculated on daily rental price only. Service fee, one-way fees, insurance payments and extra items are not discountable.

The Rental Price Includes:

Latest models of quality Motorhomes

Modern rental vehicle                    

Unlimited km

Local tax 21%

Complete kitchenware and tableware

Vehicle Instruction Guide

Full diesel tank


Leveling blocks

Compulsory and Collision insurance against loss or damage (deductible per

accident or damage is 2800 Euro)


Service Fee (Pre-Paid) - 269 EUR in Spain / 240 EUR in Zagreb

The service fee covers everything concerning the pick up and drops off:

* Exterior cleaning and basic interior cleaning

* Technical check-up

* Guidance for using a motorhome - This service can be given in Video format.

* Delivery and collection 24 hours / 7 days a week

* Information package with campsite guide and maps.

* Transfer between as shown below:


Free Transfers

Transfers between the following locations and the rental stations is


Madrid Airport
Terminal 1, 2, 3 & 4: outside arrivals hall, on drivers waiting area, in front of exit doors

Madrid Baraja Metro Station - Outside the station

Barcelona El Prat Airport

Terminal 1, arrivals hall, drivers waiting area, in front of exit doors

Terminal 2 A, walk to Terminal 2B arrival's hall, next to the rental car counters

Terminal 2 B & C, arrival's hall, in front of exit doors

Barcelona Viladecans RENFE train station

Barcelona Sant Boi Train FGC Train station

Malaga Costa del Sol Airport

Meeting point - Terminal 1, 2 or 3, at arrival hall, exit to taxi and bus

Malaga City Center - Fuengirola Train station

Malaga Harbor

Zagreb Airport

Terminal 1, arrivals hall entrance


One Way rental including 2 gas bottles

One Way Rental Inside Spain: (Madrid- Malaga-Barcelona) - 990 Euro

One Way Rental in Croatia

Zagreb to Dubrovnik: 430 Euro

Zagreb to Split: 290 Euro

Zagreb to Zandar: 200 Euro

Zagreb to Rijeka: 115 Euro

One-way rental confirmation is subject to availability

Between other countries - price will be given upon demand


Extra Optional Items 

Bedding set - 51 EUR per person (Spain) / 50 EUR per person (Zagreb) (blanket, pillow, towel, pillowcase, sheets)

Extra set of Bedding / person (1 towel, 1 pillow case, sheets) - 25 EUR per person

Camping Set (table and chairs) / per day - 5 EUR (Spain) / 4 EUR (Zagreb)

Baby Seat (Up to 135 cm) - 55 EUR per rental (Spain) / 40 EUR per rental (Zagreb)
Booster seat - 19 EUR per rental (Spain) / 15 EUR per rental (Zagreb)
Final cleaning - 185 EUR per rental (Spain) / 140 EUR per rental (Zagreb)

Final cleaning travelling with animals - 199 EUR per rental (Spain) / 150 EUR per rental (Zagreb)

Each Gas Bottle20 EUR

Toilet chemicals / per 1 bottle - 20 EUR (Spain) / 22 EUR (Zagreb)

Electric Coffee maker - 19 EUR (Spain) / 35 EUR (Zagreb) (works only when vehicle is connected to external electricity grid)
Winter tires - winter tires will be provided without extra fee if needed.


Essential package - 70 EUR per rental (Spain) / 100 EUR per rental (Zagreb)
The "must-haves" for comfortable traveling 
Including: toilet chemical, additional driver and 1 gas bottle.
Must be Pre-booked 


All inclusive package - 110 EUR per person

Including: bed linen set, final cleaning, toilet chemical, Cleaning set, raincoat, camping set

Must be Pre-booked for all passengers, except for infants under 2 years

Additional driver/s  

The charge for each additional driver is 49 EUR per driver (Spain) / 50 EUR per driver (Zagreb)

Traveling to other countries - Important information

Client is obligated to ask for approval from rental station when traveling outside the country where the rental station is located. Outside the rental agreement opening country occured accidents may incur a higher deductible claim from the client. Rental stations hold the right to limit the lowest deductible to TC Plus in case of the motorhome is taken abroad. If customer is planning to visit several countries is important to contact the rental station in advance and double check the requirement for a green card (additional insurance document).

Touring Cars rental station obtains the green card document, if a client wishes to enter agreed countries but additional insurance document is required. Traveling within the Nordic countries does not require any special attention concerning approval nor green card when a rental vehicle has been collected from one of these countries.


Travelling to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine

Traveling to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine is not allowed.

Traveling to Eastern European countries is allowed for rental vehicles taken from Tallinn and Riga offices and with a special permission from other rental stations. Special insurance requirements may apply to traveling in Eastern European countries.


Gas (Propane) is not included in the rental price.
The vehicle is delivered with 2 full gas bottles.
Each used bottle will be charged of 20 Euro 


Diesel is not included in the rental price. However the vehicle is delivered with full tank of diesel, and it has to be returned full.

The vehicle must be returned with a full tank of diesel otherwise, a refueling charge of 90 Euro + 1.5 Euro per liter will be applied in Spain and a refueling charge of 90 Euro + 1.7 Euro per liter will be applied in Zagreb.

Full Purchase Option is available at the time of rental and allows clients to return vehicle without refueling diesel tank. Price will be given at station.


Parking at the depot
It is possible to
leaves private vehicle at the Rental Station -price will be given on request.


All Vehicles Include:

Manual Transmission, Turbo Diesel Engine, Power steering, Seat belts, Diesel tank, kitchen with gas stove (2-3 burners), Refrigerator (operating on 220V and Gas), Wash room and Shower, Flushing Toilet, Fresh water tank, Waste water tank, Heating, Storage compartment, 12V/220V outlets, AM-FM Radio and CD player, 2 Gas bottles. No air condition.


Vehicle Equipment (Included In The Rental Price)

Full kitchen ware, First aid kit, Cleaning set (brush and shovel, rubber gloves, dish brush, kitchen wipes, often also dish washing liquid), GPS, Electricity cable for camping sites, water hose or water can for fresh water refill, Leveling blocks, Mosquito nets, Blinders, Vehicle Instruction Guide, winter tyres in season.


Kitchen Equipment (Included In the Rental Price)

Dinner plate 6 pieces, Soup plate 6 pieces, Bread plate 6 pieces, Drinking glass 6 pieces,  Coffee mug 6 pieces, Salad bowl , Cutting board, Small Food Container 3-4 pieces , Strainer, Measurement cups, Soup spoon 6 pieces, Tea spoon 6 pieces, Knife 6 pieces, Fork  6 pieces, Cutting knife, Bread knife, Small sharp knife, Scissors, Cheese slicer, Coffee filter ,  Whisk, Spatula ,  Ladle, Spaghetti spoon, Bottle opener with cork screw, Can opener, Peeler, Salad spoons, Frying pan 3 liter , pot 5 liter pot , Water pan , Thermos Hot pad , Pot stands, Kitchen Paper Roll, Matches, dish brush , Disposable rubber gloves , 2 Garbage bags , Toilet Paper Roll, Kitchen wipe and towel, Draining board,  Wash basin, Hanger 6 pieces, Dustpan and brush.

Please read the Rental Conditions

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