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Milan - Terms And Conditions



Reservations And Payments

A down payment of 30% of total rental price (minimum 200 Euro) is charged after confirmation,  via credit card Visa or Mastercard.

The rest of the payments are due and payable 35 days prior to pick up day.

For reservation made 35 days or less prior to pick up day - full amount is due upon reservation.


Cancellations Fee

35 days or more prior to pick up day -50% of the total amount, minimum 200 Euro

Less than 35 days prior to pick up day / Non Show  -100% of the total amount

In any case of cancellation, a handling fee of 50 Euro will be charged, in addition to the cancellation fee.


Security Deposit

A deposit of 1,500 Euro for comfort and large categories must be lodged with us before the vehicle can be taken away, by
International credit card Visa or Master Card only.

American Express or diners are not accepted.
The deposit will be refund after 10 days if the vehicle is returned on time, clean, undamaged, fully fuelled and with all equipment present. Any damage, cleaning refueling, extra time or equipment replacement costs will be deducted before the return of the bond. At the termination of the hire the vehicle and equipment must be returned in a clean condition. In the event of a vehicle being returned in an unsatisfactory state the hirer will incur a cleaning charge of Euro 50.
Chemicals toilets must be returned cleaned and emptied otherwise another charge of Euro 70 will arise


Fuel , Oil,  Gas

Fuel and operating costs are to be borne by the renter.

The vehicles are supplied with full fuel tank and must be returned with full fuel tank, otherwise there will be a charge per liter of diesel.
The client is responsible of checking oil, water levels and tyre pressures regularly.

Incase of incorrect fuel, the client will be responsible for any associated cost.

Driving License

Drivers must be over 25 and under 70 years of age, of good health, and have held a full driving license valid for the vehicle to be hired for at least one year

Drivers must have been in the possession of the international driving license.


Operation Hours

No pickup and drop off on Sunday and bank holidays.

Station is closed on Monday morning and Teusday morning.

Pick up and drop off is possible only at the rental depot.

Pick Up
Pick Up times are :Monday to Friday 16:00-17:30
Pick up on Saturday is possible 10:00-11:00 and with extra charge of half day’s rental.

In case of late pick up, client must have authorization in order to avoid penalty charges.

Drop Off

Drop Off : Monday to Friday 09:00-11:00

Drop Off on Saturday is possible 10:00-11:00 and with extra charge of half day’s rental.

The Vehicle must return clean on the inside and with emptied toilet tank. Otherwise there will be charge for cleaning costs.

In the event of a late return of the vehicle exceeding 1 hour, the rental company reserve the right to make an additional daily charge at the relevant daily rate.

There will be no refund for early return or unused rental days.


Public Holidays In Italy 2010 - The station is closed:

4-5 (Easter)

25 April

1 May

2 June

21-31 December

Fully comprehensive vehicle insurance is provided. Hirers are responsible for the first 1.200 Euro insurance excess in respect of each and every accident. (2,500 Euro  for damages to the roof/mansard).
There is no insurance coverage for damages to furnishings or accessories nor for damages caused by negligence or misconduct. The failure of accessories are not considered a breakdown and no downtime will be paid.  
No responsibility for accomodation charges, meals, change of itinerary or out of pocket expenses resulting from a break down or accident will be accepted.
In the event of an accident there is no refund for monies paid for the unusued portion
of the rental.
Repairs- Each vehicle will be provided with a tool kit, spare bulbs and national breakdown cover. The hirer should notify us in  the event of any repairs required to the vehicle above the value of Euro 75,00. Please obtain invoices (named to the rental company) for any payment which you make for repairs carried out, in order to obtain a refund  from the rental company.
All accidents should be reported immediately by telephone to the rental offices Phone number:  02-21041057.

In case of theft, hirers will be liable for the entire amount of the deposit. Please be advised to leave the vehicle always closed, without documents aboard, and with the antitheft on. Don't leave the vehicle unguarded.

(N.B. accident could take longer to sort out and will inevitably lead to a delay in processing any refund): In case of breakdown the hirer must keep in contact with our offices in order to report on the state of repairs. Hirer cooperation will be appreciated in order to solve rapidly any problem.


Event of Accidents

After an event of accident, fire and damage, the renter must inform the police and the rental depot without delay. The client must not leave the place of the event without reporting the police and the rental depot.

In all cases of damage, the renter must immediately inform the rental depot by phone and submit a detailed written report, including a sketch, upon return of the vehicle at the latest.

The accident report must include the names and addresses of the persons involved and of the witnesses, if any, as well as the license numbers of the vehicles involved and must be signed by both parties.

Restriction on travel
Vehicles cannot be driven outside the Europe, unless written authorization is obtained from the rental center at the time of the booking.


The hirer is fully reponsible for all fines and any consequences of the violation of traffic regulations and parkimg orders or prohibitions during the rental. If Camperamilano is requires to pay such fines, the hirer agrees that Camperamilano may debit any charge to his credit card during the rental or after the return of the vehicle with the amount of any fine plus an administrative charge of 25 Euro for each fine. the rental company shall supply the hirer with a copy of any traffic violation notice received.

Travel restrictions
Vehicles cannot be driven outside the EUROPE, unless written authorization is obtained from the rental center at the time of the booking.



No pets are admitted on board.


Smoking inside the vehicle is not allowed.

Safety Rules

In every refueling and every time before you start out on a journey, please switch the gas-fuelled equipment off.


Winter Warning

External temperatures of 0º C (32° Fahrenheit) or below might cause the pipes to freeze. Under weather conditions like these, the vehicle will have to be permanently heated.

If the vehicle is not sufficiently heated, the frost protection device discharges the water from the boiler in order to prevent the boiler walls from breaking.

Please ask for more information at the rental center.



Illustrations and text in our website are a representation only of the vehicle depicted. Variances in the vehicles offered for rental may occur due to substitutions made by the rental company or modifications and/or upgrades to the vehicle design made by the manufacturer.



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