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 Australia 4 - Motorhome Rental Rates
valid till 31 March 2019
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Long term hire discounts

10% off powered sites at all BIG4 parks

All prices are in Australian Dollars

Rates are subject to change without notice


Rental Depots In Australia

Sydney, Melbourne ,Cairns, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Broome, Alice Springs, Perth, Hobart (Tasmania)


Rates Include:
Unlimited kilometres
* Vehicle liability (liability applies
* 10% GST (Goods and Services Tax)
* 3% Administration fee 
* Kitchen equipment
* Linen and bedding
* Tablet with GPS, travel and vehicle user tips
* Customer care 24 hour, 7 days per week road-service helpline (toll free)
* Travel wallet including map of Australia with driving tips and travel information
* Magazine with discounts to tourist attractions *
* 10% off powered sites at all BIG4 parks

Inclusive Package (All Inclusive Package)
Additional 50AUS$ per day (Maximum 2500AUS$ per rental)
The Inclusive Package includes:
* Liability Reduction Option - reduces the Liability from AU$7500 to NIL.

* Single vehicle rollover cover

* Wi-Fi including 1GB of data

* Extra driver/s fee

* Linen exchange
* Picnic table and chairs (chairs per person travelling)

* Baby and booster seats if required

* Snow Chains if required
* Portable Heater or fan if required


Express Return Pack - 165AU$ / 265AU$ if return in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Cairns - per rental
Pricing can change on monthly basis to accommodate fuel price fluctuations.

Return gas bottle empty

Return fuel tank empty

Toilet and Waste water emptying service (at Cairns, Melbourne, Perth  and Sydney only)

Express key return (in conjunction with Liability reduction option or Inclusive pack)
Note: Pricing and incusions are subject to change



Extra Charge Items:

* Picnic Table AU$ 25 per rental 

* Picnic Chair AU$ 18 per rental

* Baby seat -AU$ 36 per rental

* Booster  seat -AU$ 36 per rental

* Tent (4 persons) -AU$ 67 per rental

* Satellite Phone AU$ 20 per day plus call costs

* Awnings (if not already affixed)  AU$ 5 per day ( maximum AU$ 80 per hire)

* First Aid Kit AU$ 35 for purchase - In vehicle. If seal is

   broken customer is charged

* Souvenir Road Atlas AU$ 25 for purchase

* Heater/Fan - AU$ 16 per rental
* Portable Hand-Held Shower AU$16 per rental
* Electrical Adaptor AU$14 for purchase
* Extra Doona Hire AU$16 per item, per rental
* Extra driver fees AU$1 per day, per driver. Maximum AU$30 per driver per rental (from April 2018 - 2$ per day per driver, max 30$AU)
* High speed mobile Wifi AU$10 per day with a maximum charge of AU$100 per hire


One Way Rentals

One-way rentals are available between all branch locations the exception is one-way rentals into or out of Tasmania for 4WD vehicles, these are on request.

Minimum rental period for one-way hires is 7 days.

A one-way fee of $165 applies where pick up originates from Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart or Adelaide, and returns to these locations.
Should the hire originate or return to or from Darwin, Broome, Alice Springs or Perth, the one-way fee will be $250.


Broom Fee

An additional remote location fee of AU$750 applies to all rentals picking up or dropping off in Broome. Only one remote location fee is charged per vehicle. This is in addition to the one-way fee if applicable. The fee applies per rental.


Hobart - Airport Concession Fee
An airport concession fee may be charged for hires with pick-up or drop-off from airport locations. An airport pick-up fee of AU$ 100 per hire will apply for hires with pick-up at Hobart airport. This fee is subject to change and new airport charges may arise.

Holidays surcharge
A surcharge of AU$100 will apply to all rentals picking up and/or dropping off on holidays: 

25 September 2017 (Broome, Perth)

2 October 2017 (Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns)

7 November 2017 (Melbourne)
26 December 2017 (all locations)

01 January 2018 (all locations)

12 February 2018 (Hobart)

12 March 2018 (Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart)

02 April 2018 (all locations)

25 April 2018 (all locations)

26 December 2018 (all locations)

1 January 2019 (all locations)

7 May 2018 (Alice Springs, Darwin, Brisbane, Cairns)

4 June 2018 (Broome, Perth)

11 June 2018 (Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney)

06 July 2018 (Alice Springs)

27 July 2018 (Darwin)

6 August 2018 (Alice Springs, Darwin, Sydney)

15 August 2018 (Brisbane)

24 September 2018 (Broome, Perth)

01 October 2018 (Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns)

6 November 2018 (Melbourne)
11 February 2019 (Hobart)

4 March 2019 (Perth)

11 March 2109 (Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart)


General Equipment (included in the rental rate):
Dustpan and brush, Fire extinguisher, Bucket and hose, Matches, Clothes line and pegs, Biodegradable toilet chemicals, GPS, Dishwashing liquid sachet, Dishwashing cloth and scourer sponge, Bin and degradable bin liner, Toilet roll 


Kitchen Kit (included in the rental rate):
Plates, bowls, cups, Cutlery and cooking utensils, Wine and drinking glasses, Coffee plunger, Bottle/can opener, Mixing bowls, Colander, Saucepans and frying pan, Chopping board, Casserole dish, Electric jug and gas kettle, Tea towel, Electric toaster, Microwave safe storage containers


Freshly laundered linen and bedding (included in the rental rate):
includes pillow, pillowcase, sheet and towel per person plus one duvet (doona) per bed,
Bath mat and Blankets .

Baby/booster seats
The type of restraint required for your child depends on their age as follows:
* Children aged under six months
(up to 9kg) must wear an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, rear facing child restraint. Children in this category cannot be seated in the front of our vehicles.
* Children aged between six months and under four years
(8 - 18kg) must wear an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, rear facing child restraint OR a forward facing child restraint with an in-built harness. Children in this category cannot be seated in the front of our vehicles.
* Children aged between four years and under seven (14 - 26kg) must wear an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, forward facing child restraint with an in-built harness OR an approved booster seat which is properly positioned and fastened. Whilst it is legal (under certain circumstances) for a child in this category to sit in the front seat, maui
does not recommend any child under 26kgs or under seven years travels in the front seat.
* All child restraints must comply with current Australian Standards and must be labeled with an AustralianStandards sticker for the standard AS/NZS 1754
* Child and Booster seats brought from overseas do not comply with the Australian and New Zealand standard and it is illegal to use them in Australia
* It is the responsibility of customers to fit the seats in the vehicle
Where your child can sit
* Front seats in all vehicles are not fitted with anchor points and cannot accommodate children under four
years in any case.
* If all appropriate rear seats are being used by children under seven years, children aged between four and six years
(inclusive) may travel in the front seat, provided they use an approved booster seat.

Express Key Return
Maui customers with the maui Inclusive Package and Express return pack may simply return their keys to the counter when returning a vehicle without any need to do vehicle checks. This service only applies where no vehicle damage has occurred while on hire.

General note
All reservations are confirmed according to vehicle category and not according to vehicle model. Interior design, measurements and floor plans may differ within any vehicle category.
Illustrations and text in our website are a representation only of the vehicle depicted. Variances in the vehicles offered for rental may occur due to substitutions made by the rental company or modifications and/or upgrades to the vehicle design made by the manufacturer.

Please read the rental terms and conditions


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