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Traveling with a Motor Home

How Does It Work?  
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A Recreational Vehicle, or RV, includes all kinds of motorized and towable vehicles.

As the name suggests, a motor home is a motorized home on wheels; a home with amenities you'd find in any house, such as electricity, water, sewage, a kitchen, beds and all the other necessities you need for living and traveling.


The average motor home is designed for maximum comfort and functionality in a minimum space.  The average motor home can fit four to five passengers.

Most of the vehicles we offer are equipped with a heating/cooling system, fresh water tank, waste water tanks, a kitchen with a sink, gas stove, a refrigerator/freezer, beds, closets and storage areas, a dining area with seating, a full bathroom with a shower with hot water, a flush/chemical toilet and sink.


Many models also include a microwave oven and/or a gas oven. 

Some of the larger motor homes also contain luxury amenities such as TV's and video systems, external showers, and high-backed seats.

You can also hire beddings, cooking and dining utensils and other equipment according to your special needs.


The differences in the vehicles depend on the various RV manufacturers.

The European motor homes are usually smaller and narrower than the American or Canadian RV motor homes to accommodate the narrower European roads. 

Most of European vehicles run on diesel, which is a lower priced fuel in Europe.


The Freedom to Travel with a Motorhome
Millions of travelers all over the world have already found that motor homes are the best way to travel. Motorhomes Hire is a huge industry in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. Services in these countries include Motorhomes Hire companies, purchase/sales centers, insurance companies, specialized equipment stores, RV clubs, RV magazines, RV books, guides, and many other services for RV travelers. 

RV Travel is unique and wonderful, and has many benefits:
Freedom to go wherever you want, with no limitations of time, place or distance. You can change plans spontaneously. Stop in a scenic spot for a coffee brake or a picnic. See a nice lake, stop and take a swim. No schedules. Choose to stay in one place, or keep traveling.
 Motorhomes Hire is ideal for every one and every age. It is ideal for families, children, or a group of friends.
Enjoy the benefits of camping, scenery, nature, peace and quite, without giving up all the conveniences and privacy of home.
No need to make reservations at hotels.
No need to pack and unpack every day.
You always have everything with you, and there is no chance you forgot something in the hotel. 
No need to spend money on restaurants.
No need to look for toilets while traveling.
Easy to drive and operate.
Unlike in a private car, everyone has plenty of room and can enjoy the drive since the driving cabin is connected to the living area.
The ultimate form of travel for families with children of all ages. A wonderful and unique experience for family togetherness.
 An economical form of travel since one vehicle works as transportation, lodging and dining.
 Motorhomes Hire is Suitable for travelers that prefer to prepare their own meals due to special limitations or preferences (Kosher, allergies, low sugar, no-salt, vegetarians, etc.) If you love traveling, camping and explore nature the easy way- motor home is for you. This is what we call "the freedom to travel".


RV Campgrounds                                                      

 When your ready to turn in for the night, there are many campground/RV parks across the world.  There are all different kinds of campgrounds, public or private, with basic facilities such as electricity and running water, or with luxury facilities often found with five-star hotels, such as heated swimming pools, Saunas, Jacuzzis, cable television, etc.

Many RV campgrounds have full hook-up service, which means you can attach the motor home to fresh water, sewers and electricity.  Many RV campgrounds and RV parks also offer public service areas, which may include toilets and showers, laundry facilities, grocery stores, playgrounds, game rooms and pet areas.

There are almost always campgrounds near tourist attractions and points of interest.

The prices ranges of RV campgrounds vary according to the quality and number of facilities, the season and distance from a main attraction. RV campground prices are far cheaper than any other accommodations. Another benefit is that many campgrounds are located inside national parks, which allow you to remain within the park without wasting travel time. 

It is suggested to park your RV before dark. It is recommended that you take a short tour to familiarize yourself with the campground and the facilities it offers. When entering the campground, you’ll have to sign-in at the office and pay a daily fee to get a site. Be sure to ask about nearby attractions and points of interest. 

The evening hours at the campgrounds, preparing dinner with your travel companions and getting to know your "neighbors", are some of the most rewarding and enjoyable of a motor home experience.  Enjoy a campfire and good company.  Mornings can also be an enchanting time, waking up to watch the sunrise, wild life, or just enjoying coffee in nature.  These are the moments that you will remember for a lifetime.

The Freedom To Travel  
How Does It Work?  
Motorhome & RV Types
Motorhome & RV Dictionary
FAQ and Useful Tips
Motorhome Itineraries

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