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USA2 / T17
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USA-2 Motorhome Rental In USA 2020-2021
vehicles: T17, C19, C25, C30

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Rates are in United States Dollars (US$)
The daily rental prices change every week


Pick Up and Drop Off Locations in USA

West Coast : Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, Denver, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque,  Billings-Montana, Bozeman- Montana.

East Coast :  Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Charlotte,

Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale

Central : Chicago, Minneapolis, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, New Orleans, Austin

Alaska Anchorage


* Boston station will be closed start 1 November till 31 March

* Anchorage station will be closed from 8 October till 15 April

Vehicles Types

T17, C19, C25, C30 


Basic Prices Include

No miles

Basic equipment - see below

Full peace of mind insurance with $1000 vehicle damage excess

Campground guide, KOA guide (campgrounds of America) + KOA value card

24-hour toll-free Customer Assistance Line

Initial supply toilet chemicals


Tax - Must be pre paid

All rental charges are subject to sales tax by law. 

Basic rental rates do not include tax. The tax is 5%-18% depending on pick up location. Tax must be pre paid for pre-paid items.


Extra Mileage - Must be pre paid

Basic rental rates do not include miles.
Therefore the client must estimate and pre-pay miles before pick-up.
You can choose unlimited miles package or buy km packs.
Pre Purchase Price per 500 mile package -161$
Pre Purchase Price per 100 mile package - 32$
The extra mile rate is 0.35$ (35 cents) per mile
Client will pay for the exact miles use upon return.

No refunds for unused miles.

Unlimited Mileage package 

 862$ for up to 21days booking. 33$ per day for extra days over 21 days


Extra Optional items

* Vehicle kit110 US$ per trip 

* Personal kit (Bed sets and towels) -60 US$ per person

* Camping chair (on request only) 11 US$ per trip each

Camping chairs are on a limited basis subject to availability at selected locations.
They cannot be pre-confirmed.
* Generator -8 US$ per night (unlimiited use) or 3.5 US$ per hour

The generator is not required for normal vehicle operation. If you choose to operate the gasoline-powered 110-volt generator, extra charges will accrue at $3.50 per hour as determined by an installed running time meter. Or, unlimited usage may be prepaid or purchased at departure at a rate of $7 per rental day.
NOTE:  the T17 vehicles are not equipped  with a generator. 


* Baby/Child seats are not available for rent.

   You must supply your own child restraint seats for transfers and while en route.

* GPS devices are not available to rent.

   You must bring your own or, alternatively, you can easily purchase one locally.

* Bikes / Bikes rack are not available to rent.

Inclusive Package
Unlimited Mileage
vehicle kit
Personal kits for all passengers
Unlimited generator usage
Cost: 1149 USD$ for the first 21 days. 33 US$ for each extra day
* Note: the Inclusive pack does not include the rental days charge.

Colorado / Denver Surcharge

Mandatory for all pickups in Denver - 2$ per day (maximum charge 90$)

New Jersey Surcharge

Mandatory for all pickups in New Jersey - 5$/per day (maximum charge 140$)

Toll Roads - Golden Gate Bridge & Miami Homestead All Electronic Tolling
Cruise America offers solutions for ALL Electronic Tolling for the Homestead Extension portion of the Florida Turnpike and the Golden Gate Bridge, California.
Participation is automatic. There is nothing to decide at time of rental.
Cruise America will pay the road agency and our convenience fee is just $10 per rental PLUS actual incurred toll charges.The credit card used for the rental will automatically be charged.
Clients may OPT-OUT, if so it is the renter's responsibility to learn how to make a one-time payment before using the All Electronic Tolling Roads.

Environmental Fee - payable upon pick up
Mandatory surcharge of $7 per rental, "Environmental Fee"

The Environmental Fee is designed to offset a wide range of environmental expenses (direct and indirect). These expenses include but are not limited to all costs associated with the proper disposal of oil, filters, tires, batteries, and shop waste.


ZDP (Zero Deductible Plan) = 11.95$/day  (max. 359$)

This product will enable renters to reduce their responsibility for loss of or damage to the vehicle from $1500 to zero ($0) deductible, regardless of fault, provided there are no violations of the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement.

If the rental is extended, the coverage will automatically extend as well.

The ZDP option can be purchased at the rental counter only.


One Way Rentals - Must be pre ordered

One-way rentals are not permitted between countries only between rental locations within USA.

A one-way rental gives you the utmost flexibility to tour North America. Not all centers can accommodate One-way rentals year round, so if you are planning a one-way rental, be sure to ask and book in advance. 
One way fees costs range from $250 to $650.


Early Bird Departure Special - Transfer Package  (EBDS)
Early Bird Departure Special (EBDS) Transfer package is for clients that prefer to be first on the road - even during the busy high season. The time saved at departure and gained at return means between 4 and 8 extra daytime hours of holiday time.

EBDS package must be reserved (and pre-paid) 35 days or more in advance.

Early Bird Transfer Package includes:

* Beginning at 8:30 a.m. transfers from designated airport area hotels

First in Line service at the rental center

* Early departure beginning 9:00 a.m. and complete by no later than 12:00 Noon

* Late Return Option up to 3:00 p.m. (15:00 hours)

* Return transfer to airport hotels will be arranged and paid for by rental center

** EBDS transfer package price is 430$ + tax 

All Vehicles Include

Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes ABS system, 2-Wheel Drive, Rear Dual Tires, Cruise Control, Dash Air Condition, LP Gas/12-Volt Heating Furnace, Water Heater Tank, LPG/Electric Refrigerator with Freezer, 110 Volt Roof Air Condition, Fresh Water Toilet, Bathroom Facilities with Shower, 3 Gas Burner Range with Oven, 110 Volt Microwave Oven, Fresh Water Tank, Grey Water Tank, Sewage (Black) Water Tank AM/FM Stereo Sound System, 110 Volt power Generator ,Standard Equipment (see list).


Standard Equipment - Included in the rental rates

The following items are generally provided with all rental vehicles (No charge):

110-Volt Adapter

25ft. Power Cord

9-Volt Battery

25ft. Water Hose

20ft. Sewer Hose

Renter Assistance Guide

Regional Campground Guide

K.O.A. Campground Guide

K.O.A. Value Card

Box of Matches

Toilet Chemicals

RV Toilet Paper


Vehicle Kit includes:


Mixing Bowl

Cooking Spoon

Cooking Fork


Can Opener

Tea Kettle

Plastic Pail


Soup Bowls



Soup Spoons

Dinner Knives

Dinner Forks


Steak Knives

Dinner Plates


Paring Knife

Coffee Cups

Carving Knife

Personal Kit includes:
Sleeping Bag or Comforter
Wash Cloth
Bath Towel
Dish Towel 

Gasoline, Propane for cooking and heating (all fuel is at client’s expense)

Each vehicle at departure will contain a minimum one-quarter tank of petrol (gasoline) and adequate propane for appliance use.  Client may be charged a deposit for fuel included at departure, depending on local circumstances.  Return fuels at the same level for refund of deposits.  At the Rental Center, you will be given directions to the nearest fueling stations.  There are no warranties concerning fuel consumption rates while en route.

Food, Bottled Water and Other Camping Items
At the rental station- please ask for a map or directions to nearby supermarkets for you to stock up on food and bottled water.

General Note
All reservations are confirmed according to vehicle category and not according to vehicle model.
Interior design, measurements and floor plans may differ within any vehicle category.
Illustrations and text in our website are a representation only of the vehicle depicted. Variances in the vehicles offered for rental may occur due to substitutions made by the rental company or modifications and/or upgrades to the vehicle design made by the manufacturer.

Please read the Terms & Conditions

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