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Germany- Terms & Conditions
valid for all GER1 models


Rental Duration

Pick up and drop off days are counted as one rental day - only if 24 hour hasn't passed yet.


Minimum Rental Days

High season - minimum 10 days required 
Christmas and New Year - minimum 14 days required

Middle/Off season - minimum 7 days required

Saver season - minimum 7 days required



Reservations of motorhomes must be confirmed by the rental company in writing and they are exclusively binding for vehicle groups, not for vehicle types.



* A down payment of 20% of the total amount (minimum 400 Euro) is taken after booking is confirmed. This payment is made by the credit card (Visa or Mastercard) which is provided by the client on the booking form.

The rest of the payment is due and payable 55 days prior to pick up day by a credit card Visa or Mastercard or via bank transfer.
If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please make sure the funds will be delivered to our account no later than 55 days prior pick up.
We have the right to cancel your booking incase it's not paid in full and on time.

For reservation made 55 days or less prior to pick up day - full amount is due upon reservation.

Cancellation Fees:

55 days or more prior to pick up - 20% of the total booking (minimum 400 Euro)
54-20 days prior to pick up - 50% of the total booking,
19- 5 days before pick up - 80% of the total booking
Less than 5 days before pick up / Non show - 100%
In any case of cancellation, a handling fee of 50 Euro will be charged, in addition to the cancellation fee.
If  vehicle is returned early for any reason whatsoever No refund available
If a bookings travel dates are amended to a lower season rates or less number of days, the cancellation fee for the original booking will apply.
A cancellation of a booking MUST be made by the client in writing by e-mail or by fax and received at our office during operation hours.


Changes In Reservation

After the reservation has been confirmed, a charge of handling fee of 35 EUR will be applied per any change. This refers only to MINOR changes like adding items, or changing the pick up/drop off date in 1-2 days.

Major changes like: changing dates, changing model, changing location, changing client's name would be considered as cancellation of the booking and will cause cancellation fees.
Changes may be made to a reservation confirmed to the Hirer from the date of reservation until at least sixty days before the agreed commencement of the rental period, as long as the Rental Firm has alternative capacity and the alternative booking corresponds in amount to the first.
No refund will be made after the full payment, incase client wish to shorten the rental period.
Re bookings are only possible in the same calendar year, subject to availability.


Security Deposit

A security deposit of 1,500 EUR will be blocked for 30 days on the client's credit card on the day of pick up, and will be released automatically after 30 days. Only in case of damage, the rental company will be charging the damage from the deposit amount and the rest amount of the reservation expires at once.
In case of long time rentals (from 25 days on) the deposit will be actually charged from the client's credit card.
For the 1500 Euro deposit, the main renter MUST present an international credit card - Visa or Mastercard on his/her name at the rental location.
NOTE - American Express or Diners credit cards - are not accepted.

Cash and Debit cards will Not be accepted.

The security deposit is refunded if the vehicle is returned clean inside, with emptied toilet tank and with no damage. Any extra costs incurred are deducted against the security deposit when the vehicle is returned.
The Security Depositis always 1500 Euro, also if liability reduction is used with extra insurance.



Fuel and operating costs are to be borne by the renter.

The vehicles are handed with full fuel tank and must be returned with full fuel tank, otherwise there will be a charge of 2.50 EUR per liter of diesel.


One Way Rental

The rental prices are for pick-up and drop off in the same station.

Drop off in another station is possible only in special cases, with extra charge.
It is not possible at all to drop off the vehicle in an other country out of Germany.

Driver License and requirements:
The minimum age of renter and driver/s is 21 Years.
Driver must show an international credit card for the security deposit. 
Driving licence Class 3, for all models. Class B for vehicles with an admissible total weight of up to 3,500 kg and Class C1 for a total weight of more than 3,500 kg. Drivers with Class B and C1 driving licences must have been in possession of the driving licence for at least 2 years.
NOTE: The rental company will not hand over the vehicle in case the client does not understand the instructions given in English or German.

NOTE - Please note that the overall weight of vehicles Group L1 is more than 4.4 tons. This means that you need a Class C/C1 driving license to drive these motorhomes.


Authorized Drivers

The vehicle may only be driven by the renter and the drivers stated upon rental. 
The renter shall be obliged to record the name and address of all drivers to whom he gives the vehicle, even only temporarily, and notify the owner of them upon request.
The renter shall be re­sponsible for the action of the driver in question like his own to the extent that he has taken on this obligation by express and separate written declaration.


Pick-Up And Drop off 

Pick up and drop off are possible only in the rental depots.

No pickup and drop off on Sunday and holidays (see the above list)

Public Holidays in Germany 2021

1 January - New Year

6 January - Epiphany

02-03 April - Good Friday

04 April - Holy Saturday

05 April - Easter Monday

1 May - Labor Day
May - Ascension Day

24 May -Whit Monday

03 June - Corpus Christi (Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich)

15 August - Assumption Day (Munich)

3 October - Reunion Day

31 October - Reformation Day 

1 November- All Saint's day (Munich, Dusseldorf)

24 December 2021 - 1 January 2022 - Christmas and New Year


Public Holidays in Germany 2022

01 January - New Year

06 January - Epiphany (Munich)

15-18 April - Easter Monday

01 May - Labor Day
26 May - Ascension Day

06 June - Whit Monday

16 June - Corpus Christi (Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich)

15 August - Assumption Day (Munich)

03 October - Reunion Day

31 October - Reformation Day (Berlin, Hamburg)

01 November - All Saint's day (Munich, Dusseldorf)

24 December 2022 - 1 January 2023 - Christmas and New Year


Arrival Day - First Night at a Hotel

Clients who arrive by trans-Atlantic flights are not allowed to drive a motorhome on flight arrival day. The client must overnight in a motel/hotel.


Getting to the Rental Center
Arrival to/from the rental center are at the client's expense. 

Pick Up
May to October: Monday to Friday 15:00-17:00 / Saturday 10:00 (extra 75 EUR)
All other dates:
Monday to Friday 15:00-16:00, Saturday  closed
* Morning Pick up is possible only with permit and in the cost of full extra day.
Note: please arrive to the rental location at least 2 hours before closing time.

Clients are obliged to attend extensive instructions at the take-over station when taking the vehicle over. The owner can reject handing over the vehicle until the instructions have been given. Delays in the hand-over and costs incurred by this shall be charged to Tenant.

Important on pick up:

 Before signing the contract please check the vehicle from the inside and outside and make sure there are no damages or broken parts. If there is some damage, have it noted to the rental agent in writing.

 Make sure you have all the items you paid for, and that nothing is missing.

 Before the departure make sure you know how to operate all the motorhome systems, mechanicals and electrical: refrigerator, heating, air condition, water etc. If it's not clear, you may ask for explanations.

 Please ask for a map or directions to nearby campground and supermarkets for you to stock up on food and bottled water.

Drop Off

May to October: Monday to Friday 09:00-10:00. Saturday: 10:00 (extra 75 EUR)

All other dates: Monday to Friday 10:00-11:00. Saturday closed.

* Drop off in the afternoon is possible only with permission and with the cost of extra day.

Note: Please do not book early flight on the same day you drop off the vehicle.  You should be at the airport 3 hours before flight departure, therefore it is highly recommended to book afternoon/evening flights.


* The Vehicle must return clean on the inside and with emptied toilet tank.

Otherwise the client will be charged for inside cleaning costs of  EUR 100 or more and 150 Euro for toilet cleaning if necessary.

* Return of the ve­hicle shall be confirmed by the signature of the employee of the rental station on the return record. Without this signature, all damage to the rented vehicle shall be charged to Tenant, in par­ticular if the vehicle is left outside working hours


Late Return / Early Return

* The client will be charged of 30 EUR for every extra hour or part of an hour (and maximum daily rate for every day late) of being late, and also for all other losses caused by the delay.

There will be no refund for early return.

Return Checklist, Damage Report

Any damages detected by the renter on the vehicle or its equipment after the start of the rental period must be immediately reported to the rental station, or at the latest, when the vehicle is returned.

The renter cannot assert any claims if the underlying damages of such claims are not established in the checklist in writing and in detail.



The vehicle is to be handled in a careful and proper manner and must always be properly locked.

The relevant instructions for use and technical rules as well as the maintenance periods must be observed. The renter undertakes to check regularly whether the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.


Forbiden Use
Tenant shall not be allowed to use the vehicle: for participa­tion in motor sport events and vehicle tests; to transport easily flammable, toxic or otherwise dangerous materials; to commit customs and other offences, even if these are only threatened by punishment according to the law of the place of the offence; for re-hiring; for other uses exceeding contractual use, in particular driving on land not intended for driving on.
The vehicle shall be treated gently and properly and locked properly at all times. The directives decisive for use and technical rules as well as maintenance periods shall be complied with. Tenant engages to check regularly whether the object of rent is in a condition safe for road traffic.


Event of Accidents

After an accident, fire, theft or accident with wild animals, the renter shall notify the police and the company headquarters in Mu­nich immediately. Claims by opposing parties may not be ac­knowledged.

The renter shall inform the headquarters in Munich immedi­ately by telephone of all damage and hand in an exten­sive written report, including a sketch, upon return of the vehicle at the latest.

The accident report must contain the name and address of the persons involved and any witnesses and the official registra­tions of the vehicles involved and must have been signed by both parties.

If the prospective amount of damage is higher than the liabil­ity or if the vehicle no longer has complete safety for road traffic, the owner shall be informed by the renter without delay.



Repairs becoming necessary to ensure the operational and road traffic safety of the vehicle may be commissioned by Tenant up to a price of 
150 Euro without any problems, major repairs only with the approval of the rental company.

The costs of repairs shall be reimbursed by the rental company headquarters against presentation of the original documents and re­placed parts in question to the extent that the renter is not liable for the damage.


Damages, Reduction, Remedy
Defects to the rented vehicle or its equipment noticed after the start of rent shall be notified to the rental station by Tenant without delay, albeit no later than upon return of the vehicle.

Tenant cannot make claims of any kind if the defects substan­tiating such claims have not been stated in writing and in detail on the return record. Claims shall only not be forfeited if the a return record is not produced for reasons for which Tenant shall not be answerable.


On account of non-contractual rendering of rental, the renter shall have a right to remedy, reduction of rental or, to the extent that the rental company is answerable for a defect to the vehicle, to damages.
For remedy, Customer shall inform the rental station immediately of defects established and grant the rental station a suitable pe­riod for repairs.
Claims shall not be forfeited if immediate notifica­tions of defects are not made without the fault of the renter or if a remedy is rejected by the rental company or is objectively impossible.

Claims to damages for defects to the vehicle existing before conclusion of the contract and for which the rental company is not answerable shall be ruled out.


Travel Assistance  / Breakdown

The rental company provides a 24 hour Traveler's Assistance Hotline number and road service by the manufactures (Fiat or Ford).

Client MUST call immediately the Emergency number in any case of mechanical breakdowns or service problems and give the rental company the opportunity to find a solution . 
A call to the departure rental center or travel agent or tour operator will not help in this case. 

The rental company assumes no liability for client's concerns, without a call to Travelers Assistance and documentation of the problem or issue while en route.


Substitute Vehicle

If the booked vehicle cannot be provided at the rental station, the owner reserves the right to provide a vehicle comparable in size and equipment or larger. No additional rental costs shall be in­curred by the renter thereby. If a smaller vehicle is offered and ac­cepted by the renter, the difference in price between the two vehi­cles shall be reimbursed. If higher subsidiary costs result from the provision of a larger vehicle, e.g. ferry and toll charges or op­erating costs, these shall be charged to the renter.


Traveling Abroad / East Europe

It is possible to make trips abroad within Europe. Any trips to East European countries are subject to a prior approval and special insurance, and requires the signature of the client that he is obliged to park the vehicle only at car-parks or camp sites with an attendant or on watched company car-parks. The vehicle must be locked. In case of theft or damage of the vehicle the renter is liable of EUR 1500 per incident. In case of theft due to client's own negligence the renter is liable for the value (at time of rental agreement) of the vehicle. In case of theft or break-in the renter is obliged to immediately inform the local police. Renter must provide the police report . The vehicle may be equipped with an electronic GPS positioning system. The renter agrees that this equipment may be used to trace the vehicle, find the exact position and to shut down the vehicle.
The client has to take in consideration that the road assistance in case of technical problem might be more problematic in East Europe.
The entry to the following countries is allowed without authorization:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia and croatia.

The entry to the following countries is allowed only with authorization:

Albania, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia

The entry to the following countries is FORBIDDEN:

Belarus, Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Moldavia, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine
Journeys to war and crisis areas shall be forbidden.


Toll Roads - Important Information
Many of the European countries have toll roads, in some you have to pay when you pass the highway, and in some you have to buy a Vignette (sticker) BEFORE you pass the border
besides, you will be charge fo crossing tunnels and some bridges.
Each renter must inform himself about road tolls and environmental zones in the countries he wants to visit.
All GER1 vehicles have the green environmental sticker which allows the access to all German cities. The green stickers are not accepted in cities outside Germany. Especially in some cities in France new environmental zones were / will be installed. All GER1 vehicles may not enter these zones.


Please note that Austria has a toll fee system for their highways for vehicles with more than 3.5 tons total permissible weight ("GO-box"). For vehicles with less than 3.5 tons you have to  buy a
vignette (sticker) for the windscreen at a petrol station before you enter Austria. There are stickers for 10 days, 2 months or a year .read more

To travel on Swiss motorways, road users must purchase and display a vignette (sticker). 
There is only the 1 year vignette and it cost 40 CHF. You can buy a vignette at most border crossings, petrol stations or post offices. Read more

In Slovenia, for legal passage motorway sections for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, including motorcycles required to have a valid vignette. There are several stickers - weekly, monthly and yearly. Read more

Norway - Drive through Norway without worries or a tag!
In Norway there are a lot of roads and bridges with a toll. A payment on spot is not possible in most cases. There are only cameras which register the license plate number.
** Vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of max. 3.5 tons
To avoid high administrative charges, you have to register to the Norwegian toll system. For this you can create a personal account at This can be done already prior to pick up. You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. By following the link, you activate your account. This account can be used for all future travels to Norway with different vehicles.
In a second step, you have to register your motorhome. This can be done only after pick up of the vehicle.
** Vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tons
For these vehicles, you need a special device from Autopass or a partner organisation. You can purchase these devices at the ferry terminals or at the Norwegian borders.

In Sweden, there are a lot of small bridges with road toll and city charge in Goteborg and Stockholm. There is no possibility to pay the road toll on spot. There are only cameras which take the license plate number and we receive the invoices some weeks later. The charges are low (0.50 to 2.00 Euro). Due to this the rental company offers a toll flat rate for Sweden (10.00 Euro) which cover all these toll charges. The flat rate does of course not include the costs for the Oresund bridge between Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmo in Sweden.
You can order the flat rate for Sweden with your booking when you are sure that you are going to drive to Sweden. Otherwise you can add it during the pick-up procedure and  pay in the depot.


Pets are allowed, as long the renter is fully responsible of returning the vehicle clean and undamaged.


Safety Rules

In every refueling and every time before you start out on a journey, please switch the gas-fueled equipment off.


Winter Warning

External temperatures of 0 C (32 Fahrenheit) or below might cause the pipes to freeze. Under weather conditions like these, the vehicle will have to be permanently heated. Please observe the instructions as to the frost protection device, which protects the boiler against frost. If the vehicle is not sufficiently heated, the frost protection device discharges the water from the boiler in order to prevent the boiler walls from breaking.

Please refer to the operating instructions how to close the frost protection valve again.


Non Smoking

All vehicles are non-smoker vehicles. Accord­ingly, smoking is not allowed in the entire vehicle, either in the driver's cab or in the living part.
In the event of proven breaches,  the rental company can, if applicable, terminate the rental contract extraordinarily without notice and charge Tenant for the costs incurred by airing or for removal of the contamination with smoke, including all and any costs of losses as a result of temporary unavailability of the vehicle caused thereby


Liability And Insurance

Third-party liability insurance: covers all damages that client causes to

other vehicles, persons and other properties (e.g. buildings). Maximum

coverage is 100 million Euro, for injured persons max. 8 million Euro per person.


Fully comprehensive insurance: Covers damages at the rented vehicle caused

by a client with a self liability of 1500 Euro per incident Insurance does not cover

damages at the interior caused by client through wrong or

negligent use.

It also does not cover damages at the roof if client ignored signs for limited height,

e.g. at a bridge.


Part comprehensive insurance: Covers damages through weather phenomenon

like hail or storm. It covers glass damages like stone chip in the wind shield. Also

covered are damages caused by robbery or theft, but only damages at the vehicle,

not the personal belongings of client. The insurance also covers accidents with

wild animals. The self liability is 120,00 Euro per incident.


The renter shall be liable for damage occurring during the rental period and for which Tenant or the driver is answerable with up to 1,500 Euro per incident of damage.

To avoid an increase of costs by the cost of establishing dam­age, the rental company presents The renter with sample invoices for corre­sponding damage upon request in the event of damage.
In the event of damage caused by malice aforethought or gross negligence, in particular inability to drive induced by alco­hol or drugs, the limitation of liability shall not apply. The same shall hold for damage caused by ignoring sign 265 (height of passage) pursuant to 41 sub-section 2 no. 6 German Highway Code (or comparable regulations abroad).
Further, The renter shall be fully liable, despite an agreed limitation of liability, for all dam­age based on failure to observe the vehicle dimensions (vehicle height and breadth), on improper loading and unloading or to be put down to the load or to driving in reverse without instruction.

If the renter has left the scene of an accident or breached obliga­tions pursuant to these terms, he shall also be fully liable, unless the breach has no influence on establishment of the case of damage. The renter shall likewise be unrestrictedly li­able for all damage occurring during the rental period in use by an authorised or unauthorised driver or for a forbid­den purpose by the load or by improper treatment of the vehicle. Apart from this, statutory liability shall continue to ap­ply.

Tenant shall be liable for all damage claimed against him or the rental company which Tenant has caused to third parties during the use of the object of rent.

The renter shall be liable for all fees, dues, fines and punish­ments in connection with the use of the vehicle for which claims shall be made against the owner, unless they have been caused through the fault of the owner.


Illustrations and text in our website are a representation only of the vehicle depicted. Variances in the vehicles offered for rental may occur due to substitutions made by the rental company or modifications and/or upgrades to the vehicle design made by the manufacturer.

Motorhome International is independent, not an agent for any particular car/motor-home rental company. Motorhome International arrange the rental between the client and the rental company. when you pick up the vehicle, you must sign a rental contract provided by the rental company and subject to local laws.

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