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wonderful tour of Utah and Arizona
RV Trip in the East Coast
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We just came back after a wonderful tour of Utah and Arizona with the family in our
E27 Motorhome.
The kids loved the National Parks and had great fun doing the Junior Ranger programs.

Western Canada has to date always been my favourite RV trip but I actually think this trip to Utah may beat it or certainly competes up there with it now.

To be honest I am not sure about Vegas for families - it was a little tricky dealing with the kids questions about all the advertisements for Fantasy Shows that must turn on and streets littered with business cards of ladies baring their breasts etc ...but that aside we only had a couple of days there which was enough.
We took a Maverick Helicopter flight to Grand Canyon which was amazing they land in the Canyon and you have champagne breakfast (kids have water of course) which was really nice and took about 4 hours. We also went to see Mystere, I love Cirque de Soleil (Ka is my fav) but this one is brilliant for the families, the kids laughed a lot.

I know the Grand Canyon is amazing but to be honest the family favourite was Zion national park, anyone who has a short amount of time to add on from Vegas should head here, it is closer than Grand Canyon and was absolutely amazing ! .
We spent a day there hiking and included a half day horse ride. To be honest the NPS offers tremendous value and the services they provide are unparallel when it comes to camping or optional extras such as riding. We made the mistake at Bryce of Riding with a firm from Ruby’s Inn and not from the NP - a big mistake.
If the NP offers something then it will definitely represent the best experience and value. There is also a very nice little town just outside Zion called Springdale very quaint lots of nice shops and restaurant but not really spread out as is usual in the US.

Then we headed to Lake Powell and had 2 nights at Waheap Campground which was terrific and our pitch over looked the Glen Canyon Recreation area and Lake Powell, you can also use the pools at L Powell resort. We took the ˝ day excursion to Rainbow Bridge absolutely well worth it and amazing.

We also took the morning tour to Antelope Canyon which is so easy from here and a photographers dream. Then we headed to Monument Valley and took a Gouldings Sunset tour for 3 hours around all the different Monuments again very worthwhile, it is easy to see why the area is popular for film makers.

From here we headed to Bluff and did a 26 mile river float tour on the San Juan with 26 kids from SFO on a school trip so the kids made some American friends. This was an 8 hour trip with no toilets – the river was the toilet !
As you can imagine the girls actually started to find it amusing standing in the river and being told it is ok to pee your pants!

Then we headed to Moab which is a great place for Adventure junkies anything you can think of doing is available at Moab from the gentle to the extreme!
We went on a 4 x 4 Hummer tour over Hells Revenge – amazing and quite scary!

From here we headed to Green River and then through Capitol Reef NP – very underrated, Utah’s least popular NP but beautiful with the nicest NP campground I have seen, a great place to overnight for any clients then wanting to do scenic Byway 12. This was a very special drive travelling down the Escalante staircase. At one point we were at 9600ft in the RV and the kids even played in snow wearing shorts since everywhere else in Utah was hot. A drive not for the faint hearted as there were a few sheer drops as we descended.

That said the roads in Utah and Arizona are so easy to drive in the RV, I really enjoyed driving the E27 out in the US a breeze compared to trying to drive it in the UK J In fact I reckon there are more campgrounds in Utah than Motels!
Touring this area and the NPs really does reaffirm this type of trip is best suited to RVs, campgrounds in abundance, easy to drive Roads and all NPs have super cheap camping facilities but don’t all offer Lodge accommodation like Capitol Reef and Arches where it is on the outskirts.

Then we finally ended at Bryce Canyon NP. Again stunning, very different from Zion in that you look down at everything in Bryce – The amphitheatre and Hoodos, whilst Zion is vast and you are looking up at the huge mountains

The Junior Ranger programmes are excellent and my girl did insist on completing as many as possible so my own knowledge in Geology and Archaeology has come on in leaps and bounds. The kids actually preferred this holiday to Florida 2 years ago so it goes to show how undersold the area is as I consider them 2 average 10 and 12 year olds.

It was a great RV vacation !

Best regards

Tracy , UK

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