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California -  Route no.1 and The Death Valley

Start: San Francisco  Finish : Las Vegas

Total Distance:  1320 miles
Duration: 14-16 Days

Explore the scenic Route no 1 from San Francisco to Los Angels, enjoy San Diego attractions, and have Las Vegas as a desert. Best for families with children .

Please note- traveling in the Death Valley with RV  is not permitted during June to September!












(California Coast)


San Francisco, CA***    To >>>  Santa Clara, CA (Great America *) - 44 miles

Santa Clara, CA    To >>>  Monterey, CA ** - 77 miles

Monterey, CA **    To >>>  Carmel, CA - 5 miles

Carmel, CA    To >>>  Big Sur, CA *** - 41 miles

Big Sur, CA    To >>>  San Simeon, CA (Hearst Castle **) - 69 miles

San Simeon, CA    To >>>  Solvang, CA** - 102 miles

Solvang, CA    To >>>  Santa Barbara, CA * - 32 miles

Santa Barbara, CA    To >>>  Los Angeles, CA * - 96 miles

Los Angeles, CA    To >>>  Anaheim, CA (Disneyland **) - 25 miles

Anaheim, CA    To >>>  Carlsbad, CA (Lego Land **)  - 67 miles

Carlsbad, CA    To >>>  San Diego, CA ** - 34 miles

San Diego, CA    To >>>  Palm Springs, CA ** - 141 miles

Palm Springs, CA    To >>>  Crestline, CA (Rim of the world drive **) - 69 miles

Crestline, CA    To >>>  Calico, CA ** - 93 mils

Calico, CA   To >>>  Tecopa Hot Spring , CA ** - 108 miles

Tecopa, CA    To >>>  Death Valley, CA ** - 129 miles

Death Valley    To >>>  Las Vegas, NV ** - 189 miles 

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