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Two Weeks in August from Munich


We went on a wonderful 2-weeks trip in August 2006, starting with Munich, then continuing through Bavaria to Austria, Slovenia, North of Italy and back to Munich through Austria.

We were 2 adults and 2 children (boys) ages 8 and 10.


We were surprised by the weather, since half of the time it was cool and rainy.

Unfortunately our dreams of swimming in lakes or creeks did not come true, but we did a lot of hiking (also through the rain) and enjoyed the spectacular sceneries, the mostly excellent campgrounds and the warm and familial atmosphere in the RV.


The RV was highly equipped. The shower was surprisingly convenient, so we preferred it over the public ones in the campgrounds.

Driving such a wide vehicle requires some adjustment, but once you get used to it,  it goes smoothly.


It is important to take into account the European weather during the summer. It turns out that August is usually partly rainy and it is recommended to be prepared for that in terms of planning your routs and planning your equipment and clothes (we for example, had to go and buy more warm blankets).

One of the nice surprises we had was our two sonsí willingness to help us and the fact that they enjoyed themselves so much, despite the lack of television and computer.




Avner Family

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