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A Recommendation for an RV trip in Scandinavia during the Fall


On September 20th, 2007 we went on an RV trip to Scandinavia.

We took the vehicle in Hamburg, Germany, since the rental price per day is much cheaper there than in Scandinavia.

At the same day we took a ferry boat to Denmark.


The trip was planned for 18 days starting from Denmark, then to Sweden, to Norway, to Denmark again and back to Hamburg, Germany.

Since this is our third RV trip, we are experienced in this kind of traveling.


We would like to emphasize the advantages of traveling in the fall:


* Cheaper RV rental prices.

* Less crowded roads and tourist sites.

* Wonderful weather and very pleasant (no rain).



* Not all campgrounds are open, so you should look up in the travel guides only addresses of campgrounds which are indicated as open all year round.

* If the campground is closed, donít get discouraged. If there is no lock just go inside and hook up. Although you canít use the outside showers, you can shower inside the RV. In the morning you will probably be asked to pay for the night.

* Tourist ferries stop operating from the 30th of September. You should take the local commercial ferries operating all year round.

* It is advisable to check which tourist sites are open. During our trip almost everything was open except for the Mule Convoy in Briksdal Glacier.



General advises concerning Scandinavia:

* No need to go every night into a new campground. It is enough to go once every 3 days (it costs 25 Euros per night).

* Try to choose routs with minimum ferry rides or choose the shortest roots since a ferry ride is quite expensive.

* It is a nice habit in Scandinavia to wave hello to each RV coming your way.

* It is advisable to use a GPS in order to reach your destinations easily.


Due to our vast experience in RV traveling, we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


The Talitmans


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