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Austria, Germany and Switzerland with a Camper-Van

Dear Forlks,

We are back and very happy to tell you about our trip, some advice and first of all we wish to thank you for all your advice and for the useful comments in the letters in your site.


We took the camper in Munich and started out the same day towards the Schwarzwald. It was raining and the size of the camper was quite scary for the two of us, we have never driven anything bigger than a private... After a day or two the size didn't scare any more, the only thing that bothered was the hight when we saw tunnels ahead, eventually this was also no problem anymore.


If you are only two people on the Group 4 camper everything is perfect: you have enough water for 2-3 days, you don't need to empty the toilet more often that that so you actually don't need camping places, we stayed overnight at campings only 3 times in two weeks and really enjoyed sleeping in the mountains and other places with no soul around.


Thecamper was great, whatever I was afraid of - the bed, was very comfortable, the kitchen that we used a lot becaused I cooked quite often, was fine, the only problem for me was the size of the bathroom and the shower, but eventually everything could be managed and get used to.


We drove over 2,200 km through the south of Germany, Switzerland and Austria and saw a lot of wonderful places. The advantage of the camper is that you can change the route on spot according to your wishes or the changes of the weather: you are not bound with the hotel rooms you have booked in advance.


We ate much less out (and saved some money this way) because we didn't need to, only when we wished to taste something special, some local food or so, because we had food on board and whenever we were hungry it was not the question of where but of what... We shopped three times at the markets we were recommended at your office (by the way they were very friendly), the kitchen has enough store room and is quite comfortable to use.


The camper was absolutely new, 2005 model, looked very nice inside and outside, had an enormous quantity of cupboards for all the stuff we brought along. We didn't need most of the stuff we brought for the camper: for electricity, water and so on, it had everything. It is not a bad idea to take a couple of pairs of rubber gloves to empty the toilet, nothing for the kitchen and cooking that we brought along was in use. The camper is perfectly equipped.


Thanks again for all your help, for the help of all the people that gave us confidence to try this way of travelling at your site.


With the best wishes

Erik and Raya

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